Qualities of a woman you should never let go

If you have found a woman who has become a flower of extraordinary beauty in your arid destiny, cling to her as hard as you can: never let her go.

Qualities of a woman you should never let go

Qualities of a woman you should never let go

Qualities of a woman you should never let go

1. She is smarter than you.

Every man needs an intelligent woman, to help him go through life.

It is said that behind every great man there is a great woman. And that is true.

Without a woman, a man is nothing more than a common egoist.

If an intelligent woman enters your life, it will have sense, direction, and wisdom so as not to spoil its existence.

2. She is beautiful.

Beauty is in the eyes of the spectator: as long as you see it incredibly beautiful (according to your taste), hold on to it.

I know that in our time there are those who give too much importance to outer beauty, and those who, on the contrary, rebel against this concept and do not give importance to the physical aspect of a person.

Beauty is what delights people since we have the ability to see; it is not something that should embarrass you; however, it is something that we should value adequately.

3. She is energetic.

Every once in a while life is complicated.

It can also be boring and monotonous. Women are not created to entertain man. It is the other way around.

However, with that woman who is energetic, active and willing to look for adventures, you would feel happier.

4. It’s nice for her to tell you that you’re wrong.

Every man needs the woman to take him out of this nonsense.

The boys have a strange tendency to make wrong decisions and commit stupid acts.

The fact of finding a woman to help you follow your path and tell you where you are wrong can improve or change your life.

5. She is strong but feminine.

Everyone has their taste for women, however, they are all a combination of strength and femininity.

A strong woman is a partner that every man needs.

A female woman is … well, she’s a woman.

These two qualities are not opposite. Many times they combine perfectly: a woman knows how to value and at the same time she is proud of having been born a woman.

6. She is passionate.

A life full of passion is worth living.

However, living a passionate life in solitude is simply impossible.

Passion arises between two living organisms, even between two individuals.

Passion is beautiful because it is “contagious”. It is the most desirable “pathogen” in the world.

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