Powerful Secrets to Conquer a Woman

If you are looking for tips to seduce, we have what you are looking for: the best secrets to conquer a woman are here, at your disposal. You just have to keep checking this out.

If you miss everything else, apply these secrets to conquer a woman:

Powerful Secrets to Conquer a Woman

Powerful Secrets to Conquer a Woman

First of all, you must understand that now women are not like before.

They look for different things, and since they no longer hunt for a man to support them, things have become a bit difficult for men, who apparently do not quite notice it.

Therefore, the main thing is to realize that to conquer a girl, may not be worth the same strategies of the gallants of yesteryear.

Powerful Secrets to Conquer a Woman

Here there are the most powerful secrets to conquer a woman.

1. This first technique is to hide your intentions.


Maybe, but if you want her to be interested, do as if you do not like her.

That she does not realize it early because then she will feel little attraction for you.

2. Show that you are fun and arrogant.

This consists of being spontaneous, having a good time with the girls and making them feel good with you.

But not only that, you also have to be a little arrogant, in the good sense of the word, with full confidence in yourself, to say what you think.

The reason?

Women like a secure man (that has not changed), who knows what he wants, who does not fear to fight for his ambitions.

3. Never to be submissive.

If you want to see how a girl’s interest vanishes, practice submission.

Otherwise, do not think that giving everything she asks and doing everything she wants will get more favors or more attention.

Women and especially beautiful ones are accustomed to men submitting to their desires.

If you want to stand out, then do not do it yourself.

4. Become a challenge for her.

Social roles tend to be that women are the prize for men.

Well, radically change that: show him that you are the prize, that it is worth spending time with you.

The human being (and women, especially) want the difficult, what they can not easily obtain.

If she feels challenged, it will not take long to “attack” you.

And if you are truly difficult, you will be irresistible.

5. Maintain physical contact.

This is essential when you are seducing.

Do not be afraid to say hello to a girl who is just introduced to you with a kiss on the cheek.

Pat her on the back in a natural, confident way, as if she were your friend.

That she feels your touch is paramount, humans connect and know each other through it.

Catch her attention with a light touch on her arm; if you do it casually she will not be able to decipher if you did it with intention.

And if she does not reject you, move forward.

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