Powerful Attraction Techniques To Conquer A Woman

It is a fact: when you are too direct and the woman knows that you die for her, she will lose all interest in you and you will probably end up spending the night alone.

Powerful Attraction Techniques To Conquer A Woman

Powerful Attraction Techniques To Conquer A Woman

That’s why today I’ll show how to make a woman like you by using these 5 Powerful Attraction Techniques To Conquer A Woman.

It means that she will fall into your net without realizing at all that you are actually using a powerful arsenal of psychological tools.

Before starting let me clarify that these techniques do not involve treating a woman badly, or being offensive, much less manipulate them.

You will not know how to make a woman like you until you use these techniques

Powerful Attraction Techniques To Conquer A Woman

1. Be an “alpha male”.

I am not asking you to become an animal, but to show the characteristics of the leading males, which are the ones that have the best part with the females of the herd.
Be confident, calm and fun.

These qualities will help you to seduce a woman without the need to memorize long or ridiculous supposedly seductive phrases.

You just have to instill in the girl’s mind the idea that you are an alpha male so that she feels automatically attracted to you. It is instinctive and natural!

2. Use body language.

If your body reinforces the message of your words and your intentions of conquest, it will be easier to make the girl notice you.

Body language is more powerful than verbal because it generates a more intimate and close connection, something that every woman needs to feel before going to bed with you passionately.

3. Apply the “advance and retreat” technique.

This technique is very effective to create a strong sexual attraction, but you must use it correctly.

It consists in that in a first instance, you advance in a determined way as far as you can get, talking and flirting with her, showing her that you like her.

But after this breakthrough, your next move will be to back off a little during your conversation, and suddenly to show yourself rather remote and distant.

This will make her take charge and try to move forward, taking her place in the game of conquest and showing the signs that she likes you.

4. Search for a connection point.

Do not try to guess what she likes: be direct, ask her, show her that you are interested in knowing her preferences.

With this information, she continues to reinforce the common points that both of you may have, or delight her by asking her more questions about those topics that fascinate her.

5. Intrigue her.

Women adore the mystery.

If you reveal too much information about yourself, she may lose interest immediately.

Make sure you keep her intrigued and anxious to know more about you.

Be unpredictable, but always keep your authenticity: do not play crazy, you just have to be creative and surprise her so she never knows exactly what to expect from you.

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