Phrases to seduce a woman

Making a woman fall in love is not easy, women are so complicated that to understand them we would need a thousand-volume manual. Love is that complex.

Although they say they are unique and special, they do not stop being women and the first way to conquer them is by ear.

If you are single or with a partner, these 14 phrases will make your favorite girl more in love with you.

Phrases to seduce a woman

1. How beautiful you look without makeup!

There is no woman who does not smile with this phrase.

If you do not feel the difference when she has makeup on and when not, make this an advantage to inspire love in her.

Tell her that she looks beautiful when she is natural and the times she “fixes herself”, tell her “I did not think you could be nicer”.

2. You drive better than many friends I know.

If the girl you are going out with or girlfriend drives, telling her that she does it well will make her very happy.

3. My Love rest, I will do the dishes.

Who does not fall in love with a collaborating man?

Show her that far behind is left the concept that only women should do the housework.

4. Have you lost weight?

If you notice that your girlfriend started to stop eating rice, noodles or bread, or that she opted for salads before fat, chances are she is starting a diet.

Saying this question from time to time will thrill her to infinity.

And if your partner is not on a diet, just say it, it will excite her more.

5. What? A pretty girl passed by me? I did not notice it.

Maybe you think that this could generate an argument, but the idea is to give her full confidence that you only have eyes for her.

6. You are very stressed. What if we plan a trip?

It does not matter that it is far or near, maybe an outing, if you are the one of the initiative, she will fall in love.

There is no better way to inspire love than by accumulating experiences together.

7. The price doesn’t matter, If you like it, it was worth it.

A thoughtful man inspires love.

Beware, this is not only for expensive gifts, but the ‘cheap’ also counts, because it means that you respect her love for certain ‘odds and ends’.

8. You’re the first girl that fascinated my mom.

Well maybe this is the most used phrase by men, but for some strange reason, all women love to listen to it.

9. Of course, you’re right!

With this, you melt her.

But be careful, remember not to be so condescending, because you will end up boring her.

Women like self-confident guys, with character but who also admit that others may be right.

10. Why are you so pretty?

This you must say at the least expected time.

Maybe you are in line to enter the cinema, you look at her and you throw this phrase.

She will be totally in love and will not stop telling all her friends.

11. My friends can wait.

This to make her feel that she has a very special place in your life.

12. No matter the problems What matters is that we are together!

Feeling the support of the person she likes, it makes her think: “It’s him, I’m sure.”

13. Good morning princess!

“Princess”, “pretty”, “little”, “love” … or the romantic or funny way you usually call her for affection.

If she wakes up and the first smile is because of you, she will not be able to stop thinking about you all day.

If you call her, it will be much better.

And finally, if you want to make her fall in love for life:

14. I love you! Will you marry me?