Phrases That Men Say “Innocently”

Men should keep in mind that when they argue with their partner, they must take good care of every word they say. Remember that in moments like that we have stopped being rational at all.

Here we tell you what 9 sentences could be misunderstood.

Phrases That Men Say “Innocently”

1. “Relax”.

What we really want to say: “Oh baby, don’t stress so much, it’s no big deal.”

What a woman could hear: “You are not in your right mind.”

We should avoid using that phrase because, at times of arguments, we could increase the fire. We better use phrases like “Calm down;” “Take a deep breath”

2. “You are crazy”.

We want to say: “You are acting irrationally and completely out of place”.

What she could hear: “What you just said is one of the stupidest things I’ve heard in my life. You were not even close to something that could be considered a rational thought in your incoherent response. Everyone in this room is dumber after having to listen to it. I give you no point, and may God be merciful. ”

Although there is a lot of trust between a couple, saying something to her could be taken as disrespectful. Better use phrases like: “You’re being irrational.”

3. “My ex never did this”.

We want to say: “Not even someone with whom I finished to be able to level up with you would do something like that”

What a woman could hear: “He hates me”, “He is about to end with me”.

This is a really low blow, and we would not like to be compared to an ex. Better use phrases like “This is not normal.”

4. “It is not a big deal”

Although for us it means: “Really it is not so much”.

They could understand: “I don’t care about you at all”.

Instead of that phrase, say things like “It’s not important.”

5. “It’s all in your head”.

For us: “I don’t know why you would think so when there is no reason for me to do it.”

What a woman could interpret: “You are inventing problems that do not exist because you are being paranoid for no reason”

Better to say things like: “It’s not even true!”

6. “I am not angry”.

For a man, it means: “I’m not really angry at all”.

What the woman hears: “Actually I am very angry and I will be cruel if I tell you how I feel”

We should not use it, because we know we are angry, we should better say phrases like: “I am completely fine.”

7. “Are you sick?”.

What it really means: “I’m very worried about your health because you don’t look the way you normally look”

What the woman hears: “You look horrible and disgusting”.

Best question: “Are you tired?”, Remember that some women are shy and could make her feel self-conscious.

8. “I need my space”.

What we want to say: “I just need to concentrate on my work for now, I have a very busy week”.

What the woman hears: “You are overwhelming”.

We should better say: “I need some time with my friends”.