Phrases That Do Not Work To Conquer A Woman

For some strange reason today there are men who use terrible phrases to “conquer” a woman, what they think is flattering are actually annoying and uncomfortable comments and questions that only make a woman run away without looking back. All women like to be told flattering things, but there are ways to do it.

Phrases That Do Not Work To Conquer A Woman

1. How are you, “friend”?:

She looks both ways to see if they’re talking to her because she can’t believe that someone she doesn’t know calls her friend. First, because she does not use that word lightly and secondly because she could not trust anyone who calls any unknown person “friend”.

2. Do you study or work?:

“No, at her almost 30 years old age, her parents still support her,” is what goes through her head when someone comes up with asking her something like that. She really can’t believe how pathetic it is for someone to question her about her economic and professional situation to start a conversation.

3. Why so pretty and without a boyfriend?:

“Because she’d rather be like this than meeting someone mentally limited like you.” She doesn’t understand how anyone can find it attractive to say this, she doesn’t really understand why men think this question works.

4. “My friend wants to meet you”:

And that friend where is he? Nothing more pathetic than a man without the courage to take a step, if the subject in question has to resort to silly games to go for someone he considers attractive, gives her the impression of being a coward without personality.

5. “I just fell in love”.

She looks to one side and then to the other and thinks, are you talking to me? Why is it humanly impossible for someone to fall in love, I don’t know, in 5 minutes? It is the most false thing that a person can say because he doesn’t even know her name.

6. “You are different from the others”:

Thank God we all are, not that he has just discovered gunpowder.

7. “I feel that I already know you, as from another life.”

And she doesn’t know whether to ask herself if he hasn’t fallen headlong before going to talk to her or to laugh in his face because of the pathetic comment.