Phrases that a woman says when she stopped loving

These prayers make it clear that love, illusion, and desire for the couple is over.

A woman in love is capable of everything for the man who has earned her heart, however as she gives herself with everything she usually retires. When she knows it’s time to say goodbye, a woman says some phrases that make it obvious that she has stopped loving.

It is usually the disappointments that lead a girl to end a beautiful love story. They always fight to the end to rescue what they started with great enthusiasm, however, when they give up they say some phrases that show that they have stopped loving.

Phrases that a woman says when she stopped loving

1. I do not care.

Women worry too much about the man they love, so this phrase is a clear sign that they do not intend to do anything for the relationship, that they do not care what happens with their partner and that they are simply waiting for the end.

2. I have no time.

When she loves, a woman makes that person his priority, in case she says she does not have the time it is because she already has other more important things to think about such as work, friends and even another person.

3. I’m already tired of fighting.

Sometimes they are the ones who always work more to improve the relationship.

They take the initiative at the time of a fight, they have nice details with their partner and they try that the harmony does not leave the relationship, however, when they feel that there is no balance and all the burden is for them, without a doubt they are stopping loving you.

4. I envy my single friends.

This is a clear sign that she no longer wants to be in the relationship.

She wants the freedom of friends who are without a partner, she wants to be able to do things alone and spend time with herself.

5. I think I need time for myself.

She is crying out for freedom.

When a woman needs time, it is not because she wants to find another partner unlike many men, but she needs to think and reflect on things that are not working in the relationship.

6. I feel disappointed of you.

There are very dreamy women who think that love is like a fairy tale where Prince Charming does exist, but when faced with the reality they feel frustrated and above all disappointed and want to flee.

7. You are not what I thought.

Very similar to the previous one.

When expectations are very high there is a very high possibility that they can not be covered.

Besides, once the love affair passes, the couple will see what they are and may not like their true personality.

8. I have many projects to be done.

It is mistakenly thought that a couple is an obstacle to achieving all goals when the opposite is true.

The beloved person must become the main support to achieve everything that is desired. The person with whom you will share both successes and failures.

9. I’m better when you are not by my side.

It is the clearest way to tell him that she no longer wants to be by his side, that his simple company dislikes her.

Sometimes it is hard to accept that love is over, however, we must have dignity and accept it.