Phrases that a man should NEVER tell a woman

We know that men are a little more direct and have no hairs on the tongue, but sincerely, some of their comments are out of place and only make women explode.

Maybe they do not realize that women are more delicate and if they want to conquer them they go the wrong way.

Here we leave the phrases that women hate the most, not only in the first dates … maybe men should never say them.

Phrases that a man should NEVER tell a woman

1. Eat well, are you on a diet?

Women know that if they eat a lot on a date can be disastrous: their abdomen becomes inflamed, start the dreaded belches and, of course, they do not want to lose the glamor.

That’s why they prefer to eat a salad; the boys should respect their decision.

2. Are you really going to eat all of that?

When they have a little more confidence and they decide that they can eat something a little stronger, it surprises them and they begin to question men, instead of enjoying that they are more comfortable in their presence.

3. We better stay at home.

And, of course, men want women to prepare dinner for them.

Changing the plan is the worst mistake they can make, of course, they’re going to be upset after having spent hours in front of the mirror to look fantastic and end up sitting in front of the TV.

4. Are you walking in your days?

All women would love to see that one day men have a colic to ask why they are in a bad mood.

Enduring the pain and hearing that kind of comments infuriates anyone.

5. You look like my ex.

This phrase can trigger the third world war, is the worst men can say to women.

6. Leave the drama.

It seems that men do not like her to let her thoughts out and, of course, it is forbidden to complain about something she does not like, but then you get angry because she does tell you how she feels.

7. You look more chubby.

First men complain because she does not eat, then they destroy her self-esteem.

This phrase should not be said to anyone, it only harms women; better they should be invited to do some sport together.

8. My mother cooks it better.


Of course, women know that men love their mothers, but if women invite them to dinner and they spend hours in the kitchen they should value the effort and understand that they do not want to be their mothers.

9. Are you going to be dressed like that?

Yes, that’s how she wants to dress and so she’ll go;

If you do not like it, I hope you are willing to wait at least another hour for what she decides to wear.

10. Do it for me.

Emotional blackmail is the worst thing that can happen in a couple, so you can put it aside.

Women hate that they want to see their faces.