The Man That Every Woman Wants To Have As A Couple

Attentive, polite, formal, gentlemanly, tender, romantic, this is the man that all women want to have as a couple.

Winning a girl’s heart is easier than you think since it is a false idea that they are looking for a blue prince, the one that only exists in love movies.

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How To Discover If A Woman Will Always Love You

She wants to love you for the rest of your life.

A woman will never be with the man she does not love, some feelings must always be in her to be able to continue in a relationship.

A woman must reach maturity in order to be with you in an honest and real way, but if there are still doubts about whether or not she is the woman who will always love you, this is what best describes her:

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What To Do On The First Date With A Woman

Your first impression is everything, shave, (fix that beard), comb and do not be brave; bathe and get dressed for the occasion.

You could think, but I want you to love me for what I am.

Yes, of course, you want her to accept you for how you are but do not abuse, arranging a bit will not kill you and will give you better results.

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Tips For Going Out With A Girl

Mommy, do we go dancing?

And that’s how it ended all probability that you would go out with a girl.

These “compliments” subtract more than they add. I’m honest, they even bother more than flatter the girl you’re interested in.

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Things To Do To Conquer A Woman

When a man looks for a woman, it is necessary to take into account that there are points that he must carry out so that she gets interested, looks at him and he appeals to her.




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Qualities Of The Perfect Man According To Women

How many gentlemen would not like to be that perfect man that all women seek?

Many make great efforts to look like or have the qualities that the girl they want to conquer wants but, since it is not something genuine, it is not constant with time, everything seems to indicate that it is a difficult goal to achieve.


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Tips not to scare a woman away

It is not necessary to list a large list of the shortcomings of men that could frighten a woman since if she finds out that he is lying or is not faithful, the woman will run out of his side without thinking.

Likewise, we want to give you some advice so as not to frighten the one you consider the girl of your dreams, especially when she is just in the process of meeting you, as many guys complain not to have received any response from a woman after the first meeting without knowing which was the mistake.

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Things that married men should stop doing

Are you married? Do you live with your partner?

If you are a member of the club, you will know that living with her is not the same as when you were single.

When you did not live under the same roof, the relationship seemed like something out of a fairy tale.

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Things Every Man Should Know About The Female Body

We will both be human, but biologically, anatomically and sexually we are VERY different.

We breathe, live and function almost in a similar way, but at the mere hour of enjoying and living together, there are certain details that you should know.

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Ideas To Excite A Woman

One of the most frequent complaints of females regarding their male partners is centered on their genitals, forgetting the rest of their bodies. There are many to choose from.

Each woman is different, so some of the following ideas may work better than others.


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