Male Traits Women Can not Resist

The mysteries of attraction affect both sexes.

Women know, to some extent, what attracts men.

Men are not all mystery, although there are factors that not even men notice.

But women tend to mystify men much more. Boys do not even know what women are attracted to. Books have been written, films have been made with Sandra Bullock or Hugh Grant as protagonists.

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Chivalrous gestures that melt any woman

In a world full of not very decent calls at midnight and infidelities it is easy to be disgusted by dating.

As women, they are always prepared for the worst, they proceed with extreme caution in the first months for fear of being victims of the deception of which many men are part.

And it’s a relief when they come across one of those few gentlemen that still remain.

They can see their chivalry even in the smallest actions, and they constantly remind them that there are still good men in the world.

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Ways To Stop Being An Insecure Person In Your Relationships

Here I’ll show you the 5 Ways To Stop Being An Insecure Person In Your Relationships.

Take note!

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Signs Of A Woman Who Is Not So Interested In A Man

These are some signs that indicate that a woman is not really interested in a man and does not see him as something serious.

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Secrets That Most Women Hide From Their Partners

Through a survey conducted in the United Kingdom, revealed intimacies that girls do not like to share because of shame or fear of being judged.

According to the newspaper The Sun, a survey was conducted to determine what secrets women keep from their husbands or boyfriends, to make them believe that they look as natural as possible and that they do not hide anything.

The poll revealed the following:

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Things You Should Never Tell Or Ask A Woman On The First Date

The first meetings are always uncomfortable, not knowing what to say, trying to look good, and interesting to be able to have the opportunity to have another meeting, but sometimes we do not achieve the task.

The pressure we feel can lead us to make mistakes which put us at risk so that we do not see that person anymore.

For us, men, it is even more difficult, women have high standards and it is not a secret for anyone that they do not even understand themselves, or suddenly it is only a question of the place where you are.

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How Does A Woman In Love Act

When a girl is attracted to someone her body sends some signals that she can not control…

In short, love is something we can not hide, in fact, the body is responsible for making clear what we feel for that person and with it we can not fight.

It betrays us without compassion.

That’s why I’ll show you how a woman acts when she’s in love:

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Myths of women and their sexuality that you should stop believing

That usually do not want sex, that orgasms take longer and that the older she gets the libido goes, are some of the many myths that revolve around female sexuality.

The Huffington Post site collected some beliefs and demystified them. Then we leave you five of them.

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Keys to understanding women in matters of love

Does it worry me to make him fall in love or that I really fall in love with him?

It is the great question that many women feel when starting a relationship and that many men assume that alone, with their attitude and good vibes they can make women fall in love and, the truth is that it is not so.

In the video, you can see 5 everyday phrases that women usually use when they fall in love. Judge them yourself!

(The phrases were taken from a widely visited article on the Internet).


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Ways to seduce a woman

All men have ever wondered how to seduce a woman to fall at their feet, perhaps at a young age, or after suffering several disappointments with the opposite sex.

If you are precisely in that male group, questioning how to seduce women, you have come to the right place because in this entry I will teach you just that, the advice to seduce and conquer a woman. Are you ready? Let’s go there.

It is likely that a moment of your life has come when you are afraid to stay alone, while you see other guys with the woman they want without really knowing how they have managed to get it.

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