Myths of women and their sexuality that you should stop believing

That usually do not want sex, that orgasms take longer and that the older she gets the libido goes, are some of the many myths that revolve around female sexuality.

The Huffington Post site collected some beliefs and demystified them. Then we leave you five of them.

Myths of women and their sexuality that you should stop believing

1. Women do not have as much craving for sex as men.

According to Daniel Bergner, author of the book “What do women want?”, it is common to think that men are the ones with more libido than women, however, the sexual desire of females would flow more than that of males, and even points out that are likely to be “more biologically programmed to try to find sex with different partners”.

Unfortunately, says the site, society looks badly at women who express their sexual needs, which is why they would feel self-conscious and not seek sex as freely as men.

2. Orgasms make women fall in love.

It is generally said that men can have orgasms without involving greater feelings towards their sexual partner, while women “for something hormonal” could fall in love.

Barry Komisaruk, a professor of psychology at Rutgers University in New Jersey, explained that although men and women release oxytocin during orgasm, which is known as the “love hormone,” there is no conclusive evidence to suggest that this hormone cause falling in love, both in men and women.

3. Women are not stimulated visually.

False. In fact, women respond better to visual stimuli than men.

The big difference: they do not say it that much. According to researcher and professor at Queen’s University, Meredith Chiver, after studying the responses of men and women to erotic material, found that “women respond physically to a greater range of erotic imagery”.

4. Women take much longer to get excited.

“In a matter of seconds, men would be excited, while women would need a little more.” This belief is also false and this was demonstrated by a study by McGill University.

After 10 minutes of watching pornography, men and women managed to get excited almost at the same time. Of course, they said that “physical excitement is not always related to the emotional desire to have sex.”

In this same line, another myth was discarded, the one that says that women take longer to achieve an orgasm than men. Through masturbation, both would take the same, says the investigation. Although they indicated that there may be differences during a sexual encounter with a man.

5. Women’s libido and sexual enjoyment diminish with age.

Psychologist David Buss, a professional at the University of Texas says that women who are around 30 or 40 years “really have more sexual appetite than teenagers and in their twenties.”

To this, he adds that women over forty years experience much more powerful orgasms, and are even likely to be multi-orgasmic.