Most common mistakes that men make on a first date

What woman has not had a first date and wanted to leave running away from it?, your fashion social network, tells you the 7 most common mistakes that men make on a first date and what is what women are really expecting from them.

Most common mistakes that men make on a first date

1. Does not take his eyes off his mobile.

So, what are you up to macho? I send you a WhatsApp and that’s it!

I think this is worst, the one that makes her more nervous about the whole list I’m giving you now.

Also, this denotes that you have really bad manners.

Low class, should I say?

2. To smoke every 5 minutes.

Okay, we all have needs and I understand that for you smoking is something vital.

But if you have stayed with her, and in principle, your goal is to conquer her … can’t you really stand the desire?

If you are waiting for her to accompany you to the door to see how you throw smoke to the air, then you are done handsomely!

3. Talking about your past relationships.

And even more so if it’s bad.

First of all: She’s not interested in your ex.

When she asks you about your love past, it is simply to see if you have been a Don Juan, you do not need to tell her everything in great detail.

It’s boring and tiring.

And the second thing, talking badly about your former partners generates distrust as if you had a trauma that you still have to overcome.

4. The “I love you”.

It is true that women like to feel loved and that they hate the little playboys that boast of machos.

But seriously … an “I love you” on the first date?

Please, Step on the break!

5. That she has to carry the whole conversation.

I understand that you have been absorbed by her beauty, style and personality splurge, but … are you unable to articulate a word?

What about that boy who sent her Whatsapps so suggestive and daring? Hellouu?

6. Being impolite.

She’s probably not waiting for her Prince Charming, far from it. In fact, she is increasingly convinced that decent men are in danger of extinction.

But one thing is that, and another that you have to behave like a real idiot.

If you are like that trying to conquer her … I do not know how you will be later when you no longer have to give “your best image”.

7. Trying to go over the limits.

There are men who believe that by having a first date with her you will end up in bed that same night.

Well, if that’s what you both want, great!

But do not think you have rights over her because she has agreed to let you have dinner together.

Hands in pockets, octopus!