Most common mistakes of men in relationships

Finding the couple that suits our personality, time and tastes is not an easy task.

Usually, they speak of all those things that prince charming must have so that he manages to make the princess fall in love and she wants to leave the tower to be happy forever.

However, in the process, several things can happen, and there are some things that really end with the patience of all women.

That’s why I’m going to show you the 10 most common mistakes men make in relationships:

Most common mistakes of men in relationships

1. Possessive.

Many men want to be the center of attention of the woman they love and want all their time to belong to them.

They try by all means that she does what he wants and wants to manage the life of their partner.

2. Distrust.

If there is something that women hate, it is that their partner is insecure and doubts everything they do, especially their loyalty.

Trust is necessary for all relationships, so when her partner does not believe in what she says, any woman feels hurt.

3. Jealous of the wrong person.

This situation is something that they simply do not understand.

Many guys feel jealous of their co-worker, friend or just the neighbor they always greet.

4. Not putting the relationship as a priority.

If there is one thing that discourages women, it is that men put the relationship at the bottom of their priorities.

It is important that the girls know that men value their company, since seeing that women are below their friends, family and work is not something nice.

5. Lying.

Something that destroys trust completely is lies.

They may think they are “pious lies,” but women will always feel betrayed when they discover that their man is hiding the truth.

6. Not valuing.

All people need to take into account all the efforts and details we have with the other person.

In this way, we will know if it was truly significant in their life.

7. Not talking.

While it is true that men find it difficult to express their feelings, for women it is exasperating when men do not say if they are angry, happy or those things that displease them in the relationship.

8. Does not know how to listen.

It is horrible when you talk to your partner and instead of asking questions about the subject, they come up with something else that is not relevant.

Or, failing that, ask for something that has already been said several times.

Women need to be heard and if a man does not do this they feel ignored.

9. Lack of initiative.

When the woman is the one who suggests going out, what is going to be done and everything that happens in the couple will become heavy for any girl.

That is why men should also give their opinion, ideas and be involved in everything that happens in their coexistence.

10. Being too permissive.

All excesses are bad and when at the moment of reaching agreements a person too permissive can get to despair.

A person of weak character is not attractive.

These are some of the failures that men commit when they are in love.

Without a doubt, many women do not stand these actions and in most cases, they decide to terminate the relationship.