Mistakes why you do not date the woman you really like

Maybe I’m wrong if I say that all men want to have a girlfriend or dating a beautiful woman. However, I think it’s a pretty common interest.

It’s ironic, but in every man’s life, it’s almost certain that there have been one or two opportunities to be with the woman you really like.

Despite this, we hesitated to take action only to realize later that we really had a good chance with the woman we liked.

But what is preventing us from taking opportunities with those women who impose us so much? Is it really difficult or are we our own enemies?

Well, when the ball is on your side of the court and you are not able to take advantage of the opportunity, two things may be happening:

  • Your mind plays tricks on you and you lose your chance.
  • You simply make the most common mistakes that show that you do not know how to flirt.

In this entry, we will focus only on the number one reason.

Limiting thoughts that prevent you from going out or being with the woman you like

Have you ever heard the following saying?

“Do you have fear of success.”

If you are like me, you may have thought that this saying is stupid. Who could be afraid of success?

Well, my personal opinion has changed and I invite you to reconsider yours. It’s not such a crazy saying when you understand it.

Sometimes our fears or the reasons why we freeze before the opportunity have to do with that we do not feel able to keep that success, or we fear to have it and then losing it.

So here I explain the main limiting thoughts that prevent you from being with the woman you really like:

Mistakes why you do not date the woman you really like

1. You want to avoid the difficult and try to go for the easy.

This is natural, our brain tries to save energy and also tries to avoid suffering. So the less you have to make an effort, the more tempting that option will be.

The problem is that this will not take us to the place we want, we have to challenge our own nature.

Many men usually think that if a girl is not so attractive, then it should be easier to attract her, while an attractive woman will hardly notice us.

I’ll tell you a fact:

You can attract a beautiful woman.

It depends on you if you decide to conform yourself or if you are a warrior enough to fight for what you really want. The rest are pretexts.

In addition, sometimes we can end up trying to conquer a woman that we do not even like and without realizing it, it could cost us more than we imagined.

So why to strive for something we do not want? Better to strive for what we do like.

2. She’s so pretty: Sure there’s a lot of competition.

Just remember, there will always be a woman you do not consider attractive who has many suitors behind her.

In fact, you probably do not understand the behavior of men around that woman.

The same goes for the girl you like. You like her, but that does not mean that everyone likes her.

The fact that a girl is not attractive does not mean that she does not have suitors. Likewise, the fact that an attractive girl has many suitors does not mean that she likes them all.

3. I need to work too hard with her.

Maybe you think that to a beautiful girl like her only happen extraordinary and special things. So to invite her out, you must have a planned itinerary and everything must go perfectly or she will think that you are below her standards.

Or maybe you think that you have to have a super interesting life, with exciting pastimes and that at the minimum sign of boredom she will run away.

You must stop thinking that, if she gives you indicators of interest or gives you a chance, that means that there is something in you that she has already liked or attracted her attention.

If you try to change too much you could get rid of what she liked about you. Many times, chemistry is the queen when it comes to attraction.

4. I must be super seductive with her.

Finally, she has given you her number and now you think that you must be a Don Juan for the magic to continue.

The problem with this is that maybe everything seems exaggerated and you do not know what to do. The worst of all is that it is likely that everything seems exaggerated because it really is.

Sometimes we want to impress a woman and we try so hard that we end up looking desperate, unrealistic or exaggerated. Try simply to be natural and calibrate as the situation evolves.

Remember: You do not need to do or say anything perfect, you just have to make both enjoy the moment.

5. I’m not attractive enough.

This really you do not know.

Like point 2, it might come to surprise you a specific taste that she might have.

In addition, the physical is not everything.

Possibly she has felt chemistry with you and this can be more powerful than physical attraction.

6. Waiting too much.

Like everything in life, we have a small window of opportunity that we should take advantage of.

Whether you’re waiting for the perfect moment, you wait for a special message to occur or simply wait for the right time.

Most of the time we lose valuable opportunities for not having the courage to throw ourselves and improvise.

Take the advice offered in the book “How to feel fear and still do it”:

“To do things despite feeling afraid, you have to firmly believe that whatever the obstacle you will find, you will be able to overcome it in some way”.

Just go ahead,

To overcome your fears and limitations you have to adopt a warrior mentality.

You must be the kind of person who accepts challenges and enjoys conquering them.

(Source: http://2masculine.com/sexo-amor)