Mistakes That We Usually Make When Flirting Through Whatsapp

The world 2.0 has been installed in our lives to stay and, although there are many things that we can do only online, there are things that we will only be able to do face to face, not to mention body to body.

Next, we are going to tell you some things that you should avoid if you want to flirt through Whatsapp not to be rejected or to be made a virtual cobra.

Mistakes That We Usually Make When Flirting Through Whatsapp

1. Just asking it for asking it.

You’re in a disco or talking on Tinder and you want to transfer the conversation to WhatsApp as soon as possible. Stop!

Go slow, calculate the times and, above all, have a compelling reason that is more convincing than the “is that this is not going well” or the “is that you have very beautiful eyes.”

Look and think!

What do you really like about her? What do you share? What could you do together?

Watching and listening is important to let yourself be fascinated by them.

If you do not have patience it is possible that you are going to look like just another guy and that does not mean anything.

2. Aggravating.

Find a moment a day to chat but always keeping in mind that the important thing is done face to face.

If you have to talk, it is to contribute something more than to waste others’ time.

Propose, say, tell a short joke … but never, never, never be someone who gives away his time like someone who distributes leaflets at the subway door.

3. Not creating mystery.

If she wants you to tell her everything you can offer, be it in person.

Do not tell your life in fascicles. Make her want to know more about you.

You must control the times very well and know when you have to go and leave a conversation halfway to generate interest.

Make publicity breaks!

Imagine that you are a television series: two detectives have been looking for the killer for more than thirty minutes and when it’s time to unveil it: we’re going to advertise!

If you want to know who the killer is, “I’ll tell you another day while we have a coffee.”

4. Showing the little bird before time.

The picture of your little friend, that you can save.

Think that a magician never shows his tricks or his wand before starting the show.

And do not ask for pictures either! The Internet is full of material that will help you strangle the chimpanzee.

Do not ask for spicy selfies to accompany the solitude of your room.

Unless you are very sure that your wishes are going to be satisfied or that you like them a lot, do not do it.

5. Lying.

Do not throw your nose and tell your life as if you were Bruce Wayne himself.

Think you’re going to have to face her face to face and maybe you’re talking to the love of your life.

Do not use a profile picture in which you are so good that you do not look like yourself.

Self-confidence is sometimes shown by confessing your weaknesses.

Now you know.

Sharpen those thumbs and do it softly and carefully.

If you do not fall into these mistakes, you are likely to get that much-anticipated date.

It’s a matter of trying and learning from mistakes.

Although it does not appear in his films, James Bond is also rejected from time to time.