Mistakes That Push Women Away

Most men are jealous even when there is no reason, which makes them look extremely stupid, there are some who come to believe that being jealous will impress women as if it were some sign of manhood, gentlemen in conclusion! NO !!!, no woman in her right mind will want to walk with a guy who feels threatened or intimidated by other men.

Women like men who are sure of themselves and stay the same even if there are men around.

If your girlfriend has to be supervised all the time and she is not reliable when she is with other guys, then why don’t you let her go?

Mistakes That Push Women Away

1. Showing yourself in need.

A guy who can not get away from his partner, who needs his partner to live reaffirming that she loves him, the only thing he will achieve is that she will lose respect, and respect is the basic thing to keep a woman attracted to you.

Then give her space, let her see that you are an independent man, that if one day you can not see her or just decides to go out with her friends, is not the end of the world, be confident and you will see how she will be behind you as a magnet.

2. Entering suddenly in little time.

In a natural way, the beginning of a possible relationship is exciting and the emotion of the moment can damage everything, you start to show too much interest in a very short time and you start to despair to realize the relationship, brother!!! relax!.

Take things calmly, with relationships you have to be careful, have fun and know her well.

3. Forcing too much.

Since we are little we are taught that to get something we have to kill ourselves to get it if you want a good job, first study, then knock on doors, spread curriculums, etc.

But if there is a situation that best shows where this is not needed, it is when you are going to join a woman, when you force a lot to fit in, trying to be more cool than necessary to get her approval, doesn’t look attractive, it does not look natural and it does not work.

4. Brag.

If you have a good car, you do not have to turn the key around one finger in front of her to see what you’re doing, like all your other qualities besides the materials, you do not have to say them, let them come out naturally, saying them makes you look weak and insecure.

5. Being insecure.

Call it pigeon, lack of confidence, shyness, whatever you want, the point is that women can not stand that, rather it is a repellent.

If you do not have confidence in yourself, practice it again and again, until it comes out.

In most cases women deliberately test you to know how far you are willing to do something out of your nature for them and if you fall even in one of these tests, it is impossible for her to have respect for you again.