Mistakes that men make when seducing a woman

Some tactics that you believe infallible to seduce a woman can actually make you look very bad, like a stalker, someone who only looks for sex and even a fake.

Read carefully the list of the most frequent mistakes when seducing a girl, and if you have committed any, correct it to succeed next time.

Mistakes that men make when seducing a woman

1. Focusing on the wrong place.

Something that women hate is that you do not look them in the eye while you talk.

If your look is distracted by her cleavage, you will make her feel uncomfortable.

2. Taking her to drink.

A big mistake is wanting to take a woman to drink beer minutes after meeting her.

This type of actions cause distrust. Women think you’re just trying to get her drunk to have sex with her.

3. Highlighting her flaws.

Nobody likes to be judged, especially by strangers.

If it’s your first date with her and you dedicate yourself to criticize her, saying that she does not look like her profile picture (if they have met on social networks), or that she dances badly;

You show yourself as a person without delicacy and unpleasant.

4. Invade her personal space.

Getting too close to her is a pretty aggressive tactic that can end in an ugly rudeness on the part of the woman.

5. Insist despite the rejection.

Do not lose your pride in insisting on a girl who has clearly rejected you or shown you have no interest in you.

Sending messages or calling her will only make you look like a dangerous stalker.

6. Not knowing how to talk.

Telling a girl several times how beautiful she is, will only make you monothematic.

If the girl is really pretty, surely she has heard all of that before, so you’re being unoriginal.

Another case is that she notices you not sincere. You can also give the appearance of being superficial.

Any of these cases is unattractive to a woman.

7. Pretending to be the good boy.

Although it may not seem like it, women quickly detect those guys who pretend to be the “good boys”, just to try to impress them.

Remember that more than words impress the facts, but do not seek to force the situation, it looks fake from far away.

8. Adopting the role of a bad boy.

It is true that women are attracted to tough guys, but trying to pretend when your personality is not, will only make you look ridiculous.

Likewise, if you take advantage of your social networks to show off your body and muscles by exaggerating and even retouching the photos, you will be embarrassed when you face the girl and she will prove that you are not really like that.

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