Mistakes That Men Make When It Comes To Sex

Male sexuality is so influenced by a series of myths, cultural models and mistakes or lack of information that one of the most pleasurable activities is often disturbed.

The man, in general, pretends to be confident when there is no confidence, to be comfortable, interested and enjoying, when in reality it is not.

What are his wrong thoughts?

Believing that:

Mistakes That Men Make When It Comes To Sex

1. All women like the same thing.

Many men tend to think like that. However, women are very different from one another: what one likes, for another may be indifferent or even annoying.

They do not necessarily know about female sexuality; No matter how many relationships they have had before, they do not have to guess how the body of the woman they are with will react.

Each female body has its own particularities and these must be respected: sometimes what makes one woman aroused, another cools her down.

2. Caressing only in bed.

In general, men do not know that a woman, in order to feel sexually disposed, has to feel courted and seduced: she needs her partner to show her affection, kiss her and cuddle her not only when looking for a sexual encounter.

3. The quantity is the most important.

Most males privilege quantity over quality because it relates the ability to have more than one orgasm with youth and virility.

Younger men can repeat the sexual act several times, and with age, this possibility disappears. Undoubtedly, the masculine concept of competition and rivalry with others is also present in the sexual arena.

It is common for them to boast of their own records. Therefore, the number is so important for men, because it can be measured and compared. And really, women are much more interested in the quality of the encounter.

4. Going too fast to penetration.

Many women say that in order to achieve a good sexual encounter, they need kisses and caresses in different parts of the body (arms, legs, abdomen, buttocks, breasts, etc.), only to reach the genitals.

The whole body is a large erogenous zone: you have to explore it, know it and discover various erotic points before reaching the genitals. Also, the emotional and psychological aspects are very important for women, so they should not be denied.

5. The only goal: orgasm.

For many men, it is impossible to conceive a sexual relationship in which “ejaculation” and “orgasm” do not necessarily appear.

Sometimes, and especially after the mid-age, non-organic difficulties with erection or ejaculation appear quite frequently.

And these men, instead of living with pleasure what they have already achieved, live with anguish what has not been achieved. Because of this myth, it is difficult to conceive that sex can be something relaxed, with interruptions, rest, talk, laughter, in short, something extremely pleasant and less anxious.

There is no doubt that the orgasm is very pleasant, but it stops being for the man and the woman when reaching it makes them “work hard”. In many occasions, a relationship can be pleasant for both, although one of them has not reached it.

6. Wanting it to be like in porn movies.

On the one hand, watching triple X movies is fine, if both agree. But what you see in them is not real, it’s a fantasy.

Pornography builds myths of how sexuality should be, creating high levels of demand that, as a consequence, contribute to the persistence of sexual conflicts in watchers suffering from impotence, premature ejaculation, anorgasmia or complexes with the size of the penis.

It is argued, tendentiously, that the length of the penis is the most important for female satisfaction or that women become excited if they are mistreated.

That is why some women reject pornography, perhaps because it has been conceived from that particular masculine way of understanding sexuality.

However, many couples can use it to give more intensity to their sex life; They may even try to imitate some positions or fantasies. However, it must be an act of common agreement.

7. Thinking that penetration is everything.

For many men, sex consists of penetrating. This belief comes from that myth according to which “the woman only reaches orgasm with intercourse”.

However, most women can not achieve orgasm just because of penetration. It is important, in the female orgasmic response, the adequate stimulation of the clitoris (either by masturbation, through a sex toy, oral sex, etc.).

In general, when men know this and are informed, their demands are reduced.