Mistakes That Men Make In Bed

In the attempt to conquer women, surprise them in bed, men could do things wrong, and this could spoil the night of passion they promised.

Mistakes That Men Make In Bed.

Mistakes That Men Make In Bed.

Do you want to know those 7 most common mistakes? Here they go:

Mistakes That Men Make In Bed

1. Going too fast.

The most common mistake of them is that they go fast and avoid the previous games, the woman needs to be relaxed.

The feminine desire happens because the woman previously imagined and desired the moment.

2. They want acrobatic positions.

Men want to innovate.

According to Brandy Engler, sex therapist, author of “The Men on My Couch”, explains that trying to implement extreme things is not only uncomfortable but in fact does not ensure the pleasure of the woman.

3. They want to have anal sex.

In real life, women have a hard time saying yes to anal sex, usually for four reasons: for what they will say, for lack of self-confidence, for shame and/or disgust or simply for pain.

It is important that you converse with your partner.

4. Treat the clitoris like a penis.

Specialists point out that a woman’s body is different from a man’s, so treating it like one’s own is a big mistake.

Most women enjoy orgasms through clitoral stimulation before penetration.

5. He’s the know-it-all.

Believing himself to be the “know-it-all”.

To try to impress, many men resort to expressing themselves as if they knew everything about sex.

Experts explain that instead of trying to impress her with movements, it is better to let her body do what inspires her in bed.

6. Concentrating too much on breasts.

We know that this part of the body attracts men, but no!

There are other places in the body that you can explore and may even cause more excitement.

7. Immobilize her or move her head during oral sex.

Although it can be a very exciting game of domination/submission, it can also end up being very uncomfortable and painful for women.

So before doing this, it is better to talk about it and agree on it.

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