Mistakes that men commit in bed

Mostly some men either because of their inexperience or simply because they do not know, commit sexual mistakes that could annoy their partner.

According to specialist doctors.

Mistakes that men commit in bed

1. Skip the foreplay.

For the foreplay, it is essential to emphasize the sense of touch.

It includes, necessarily, kisses, caresses and hugs; from man to woman and vice versa.

2. Feeling like Superman.

In general, men often know far less than women about sex or take it less seriously.

Precisely, many of their problems are due to lack of information.

3. Obsession with your virile member.

Is size what matters? Absolutely unfounded belief, for several reasons.

However, the length of the penis would, in principle, be irrelevant when it comes to achieving it.

4. Insisting when women do not have the desire.

It is not advisable to do it if the couple is not available.

With this we do not refer to a problem of desire, what happens is that women go through brief periods which men do not understand.

5. Forgetting the clitoris.

This part is very important during the sexual act since it is the feminine sexual organ par excellence.

Therefore it must be stimulated and in this way the possibility of having orgasms.

6. Practice rough sex.

There are several cares that men should take into account so that the woman feels pleasure, and no pain at the moment of intimacy.

7. Thinking that you are in a porn movie.

The ‘triple X’ films are fictional and time is not real, that is why it can serve to stimulate the imagination, but the ‘information’ it provides on sexual life should be located on the side of fiction and not in reality.

8. Moving her head.

We know that you love oral sex, but not every woman may like to do it.

Now if your partner does not see it nice, help her eliminate taboos, stay clean and add flavor with flavoring gels.

9. Concentrating on that part of the body.

If you are looking for a passionate encounter, the ideal is not to go directly with the penetration, since that inhibits or disgusts women.


10. Did you arrive?

The worst thing you can do is force the couple to have an orgasm.

Take into account that a sexual relationship does not fail because the man and/or the woman do not reach the climax.

What really matters is to enjoy everything and not just the end.