Mistakes That Every Man Should Avoid When Wearing A Suit

Wearing a suit can make you look like a very elegant man, but these are five mistakes that you must take care not to spoil it.

To look like a true heartthrob there is only something very simple that a man should do: Wearing a suit. But this seemingly simple way is an art that must be mastered and to begin you can check these five mistakes that you should not commit to ruining your style so elegant.

Knowing how to wear a suit is part of what every man who respects himself should know. Surely you already know some tips to wear a suit, but it is also necessary to pay attention to what is done wrong to achieve a great impact with your image.

Whether you attend a gala meeting, an important business meeting or a date with a high society girl, these are five things that you should not neglect in the appearance of your costume:

Mistakes That Every Man Should Avoid When Wearing A Suit

1. Shoes

Of course, when wearing a suit the attention is mainly on the jacket and accessories, but you should not neglect your shoes.

Little details count and polished footwear help a lot. If there is no time to polish them, at least make sure there are no visible spots or dust.

2. Correct sizes

It does not matter if you have a body of potatoes or you are skinny, what you should not lose sight of is that your clothes should be appropriate to your size.

On more than one occasion a suit has been ruined by a shirt that is too loose or ridiculously tight. If you do not find shirts that fit you, you have to resort to the tailor.

3. Inner t-shirt

If you are one of those men who perspire a lot in spite of the deodorants, it is always recommended to wear an inner t-shirt under the shirt.

But you also have to take into account that white or black shirts are noticeable under the shirts. So it’s better to wear a gray V-neck shirt so you can unbutton the shirt without nobody noticing.

4. Socks

As a general rule, it is known that socks should be combined with some garment of your costume, but sometimes another aspect is neglected, when sitting, the pants go up and when the socks are too short or bulky, it can be noticed a part of your leg.

It is one of the most frightening mistakes when wearing a suit.

5. Your main enemy

You may have managed to make an excellent first impression, but if your suit has a blemish, you can forget about that promotion or conquest. Of course, men are exposed to all kinds of dirt, that’s why it’s quite a feat to keep your suit impeccable.

When you have enough practice, you will correct these details automatically; but in the meantime pay attention to these mistakes and you will see how you manage to wear a suit perfectly.