Mistakes men make when they approach a woman

Unfortunately, most men in this world do not have an infallible method when approaching a woman, so they make the same mistakes again and again and the operation never succeeds.

Mistakes men make when they approach a woman

Mistakes men make when they approach a woman

Here we throw you 5 very common mistakes among men when it comes to approaching a woman in a bar.

You will see how you fulfill a few.

Mistakes men make when they approach a woman

1. Null visual contact.

Your eyes can say and matter much more than you imagine.

They are one of the most important weapons in men when it comes to conquering a woman.

When you can maintain strong eye contact, you show confidence in yourself and charisma. It shows that you are not afraid of anything.

Most of the boys are usually nervous and throw scary looks. Mistake!

That will show your nerves and you can forget about conquering that girl.

2. Your body language says “I’m a prick”.

Your shoulders low, head down, one hand in your pocket and the other holding a beer.

How do you pretend that the woman you are approaching does not run away?

You look like a bitch, I’m sorry but I had to tell you.

We are not calling you pathetic, it is just that with that body language, that is what they will think of you.

Stretch, take out your chest and show that you have confidence in what you are going to do.

Do not look weak.

Stand in front of her, introduce yourself and let everything flow.

3. If you are not relaxed, you fail.

We should all work on relaxation techniques, they are more useful than we believe in many aspects of life.

And one is this. When you are nervous, women notice it.

If they see you with their hands restless, sweaty, clumsy in speech and gestures, she will not want to know much more about you.

Show confidence, relax, friend, is not the end of the world if she rejects you.

You will be much more successful in facing it like this.

4. You are on guard for fear of a possible rejection.

Do you know what you should do when you’re talking to a girl and she says something that bothers you?

Act as if she had not said anything bad.

Never let her see that she has affected you because you will be on the defensive and all the possibilities that you could have will end.

Lower your guard, no one is going to attack you and if they do, take the blows with class.

5. You’re too drunk.

When you drink, do not drive, or try to flirt with girls, it’s impossible.

You do not understand yourself, you sway and you can not have a decent conversation.

Drink a few beers if you need to let go, but do not go over that or you will have totally screwed up.

Women can get to like a slight point that makes you funnier or friendly than usual but they hate drunks.

(Source: http://www.theidealist.es)