Mistakes Men Make To Conquer A Woman

Men are capable of unimaginable things for love but they make many mistakes, some without importance and others that make that girl stay away from him forever.

When a man conquers a girl who really interests him, he is capable of doing extraordinary things and is very well, but in those attempts to dazzle her, he makes many mistakes, ranging from the most classic ones that are not relevant, to the ones that provoke the opposite desires of what he expected.

If you are going to conquer a girl, it is important that you take into account the four mistakes that you should not make, because it could end up keeping her away forever.

Mistakes Men Make To Conquer A Woman

1. Being insecure.

If during this process, you are insecure, it is very likely that she feels unprotected, remember that for thousands of years, the alpha male was the one who protected not only the woman but the herd. That is why you must be secure in each of your decisions in the process of conquest.

2. Always giving honey.

Do not make this mistake, it is true that women love to be pampered, but not in exaggeration, you must give love little by little, be attentive and see how she is reacting in the process of conquest if you go out together, if you grab her hand, Whatsapp messages, everything has to be moderate.

3. Do not want everything to happen in one day.

You are wrong if you are thinking of conquering a woman in a single day, this takes time, do not despair, if you do things right, she will wait for you and you will receive the best reward that is her trust, respect, and love.

4. Do not become controlling.

It is important that if she already gave you the “yes”, you don’t try to control the situation in all the exemption of the word, she remains an individual, thinking, with her decisions.

Do not try to force her to be the way you want, this is one of the mistakes that are made during the first days of the relationship. And that will only end in failure.