Methods To Conquer A Woman Without Money

Do you want to know how to conquer a girl in 5 steps without money?

On the network, there are many methods to conquer a girl but there are few that really work, many pages ask you for money so that you can acquire a book where they sell you psychological tricks and tips to attract women but they are not efficient.

Here we believe that information should be free for everyone and shared with those who seek a little professional help in seduction, that’s why we bring you the guide that contains 5 tips to win a girl, START FROM NOW! …

Here we show you the 5 most important and fundamental methods that every woman cannot resist, no matter where you are, you just need to put them into practice and you can choose, the one that best suits you in your current situation with that girl.

Paying money for online books on topics to make a girl fall in love, relationships, love, subliminal power, perhaps are very expensive to acquire but the good thing in this article are the best methods to conquer a girl in 5 steps without money.

Methods To Conquer A Woman Without Money

1. Be interesting to a woman.

Make your personality interesting, create mystery so that they know you since this generates an atmosphere of intrigue in women and you have to foster this feeling with your actions, this is a psychological trick to seduce a woman without you needing to speak.

To make this idea clearer, you just have to show that your life is interesting, that it has emotions, unique things and that it would be excellent for someone to live it with you, a very important tip is that you do not get to be very conceited.

Do not be very obvious, nor do show off your physique, nor your money; just make it very natural and out of nowhere women will come to you, because they are very cunning and they realize if the man thinks he is a big deal as they hate conceited men.

2. Take care of your appearance.

If you want to gain looks and women get interested in you immediately, take care of your appearance because it is the first thing that women see in a man, be it your body, your smile, your clothes, your smell, as it is always necessary to look very well because it will be your cover letter.

3. Be a bad boy.

All women are struck by someone who is mysterious and original, only a bad boy can be, because he has characteristics that make him unique, for example, He is tough, masculine, seductive, he knows how to make decisions, he knows how to treat women. He is mysterious, intriguing, and attractive.

Bad boys do not put women on a pedestal, because they are clear that their happiness does not depend on someone, if not on themselves. Many men make the mistake of giving everything away and expect to be accepted, but you will only be dependent on that woman you like and if you give her power over you, I can tell you that she will not take you so seriously and you as a product are undervalued.

4. Show security, not shyness.

If you struck up a conversation with the girl you like, convey confidence in your words, show that you know what you want now and in the future, you will achieve it because women prefer men with goals and vision, and these highlight his masculinity. If you manage to do it, you will have her in your hands.

It is better that you be clear with her because many guys make the very serious mistake of inventing a life, such as saying that they are from a very high social class or pretending to have a lot of money, I just ask you to be aware of your actions and know yourself well, from that point begin to build a good goal.

5. Have a sense of humor.

Well, it is obvious that a good presentation must be accompanied by a good sense of humor because you will make the relationship very pleasant, it is like putting the cherry on the cake and it helps to build trust between both, on the other hand, do not exaggerate or become a clown that will not be anything attractive.

The idea is to do it subtly without reaching excesses, it is a technique so that the woman gets closer to you because you are giving her a feeling of well-being without anything in return.