Messages That Women Send To Reject Someone They Don’t Like

When women are not interested in a man, they respond with some of these phrases.

Sometimes, women are sad to reject a man directly when he doesn’t get their attention or simply because they don’t feel any special connection.

That is why they resort to some phrases that are a “no” but very discreet.

Here are the 10 phrases that women use to reject someone they don’t like. Does it sound to you?

Messages That Women Send To Reject Someone They Don’t Like

1. “I’ll tell you”/”I’ll confirm you”.

(Surely she never will, she just answers that so as not to make him feel bad).

2. “I have many things to do”.

This is a very clear “no.”

3. “Whenever you want”.

Surely, she answered this to avoid the pain of leaving him on “seen”.

4. “I had not seen your message”.

If she does not open the messages and is online all day, it is clear evidence that she does not care much about your conversation.

5. “Sure, friend”.

She is making more than clear that her relationship will not go beyond friendship.

6. “Hahaha, well”.

It is a very sharp response that shows a clear indifference to the invitation. She is accepting by commitment.

7. “Let me see”.

Uhmmm … if she answers this, it’s because she’s not interested in you at all.

8. “Ok”.

She is not excited to have a meeting with that guy. It simply doesn’t matter to her.

9. “I don’t feel well”.

If you have asked her out on many occasions and she only makes excuses like this, she clearly does not like the idea of ​​having a date with that man.

10. “It will be fine”.

If she answers that and continues with the topic, she probably doesn’t like the plan or the idea of ​​dating you.