Men who attract women the most

According to a recent study, those with well-defined masculine traits and an appearance related to a good and careful health, are preferred.

But not all preferences are related to the body: the gestures, the words, the personality are of great appeal to women that have proven to be less superficial than men.

A study conducted by a group of psychologists found that women, in principle, are attracted to a man with prominent masculine traits and that his appearance is related to a careful health.

Here, a list of the personalities that most attract women.

Men who attract women the most

1. The sense of humor:

Humor is something effective for women.

2. Intelligence and creativity:

Intelligence is sexy, as long as the man uses it in a way that is interesting.

Use intelligence and creativity to have ideas, fantasies and unexpected acts that seduce.

3. Education:

Education is attractive to women if appropriate use is made of it.

Some women feel intimidated by education, especially because of knowledge that they do not usually have.

4. Culture and class:

They like the man to dress well, to understand wine, food, and movies.

5. Dominant:

Some women feel unconscious attraction for dominant men as long as they do not overdo it.

6. Considered:

Women do not like gifts just for the monetary value, but mainly because they imply that they have been remembered.

The gift is a symbol. They feel the same if it is a postcard or a gold pendant. But that means he has been thinking about her.

7. That they value the small details:

To the majority of the men, the small details happen to them unnoticed.

As for example: if she changed her hairstyle or is wearing a sexy dress. Women are attracted to men sensitive to these details.

8. Enthusiastic and fun:

Nothing is less stimulating and attractive than a party pooper.

Although it seems strange there are men who find it annoying that a woman is happy all the time or with much enthusiasm.

This is a terrible mistake that drives away the partner.

9. Adventurer:

Most women are attracted to men who like adventure and do extreme and unusual things.

The adventure excites them.

10. Persistent:

Women love men who know what they want and go after it to get it.

Passion is synonymous with being alive.

That is to say, to set an objective and then pursue it with passion until reaching it, regardless of the difficulties.

11. Self-confident:

In general, women are attracted to self-confident and even arrogant men.

This is a difficult concept to explain. It can be said that it is a soft mixture of arrogance combined with security.

13. Expert:

That is an expert in an area that is of interest to certain types of women.

That condition must be demonstrated from the perspective “I know a lot about this, let me share it with you”.

14. Attentive.

Women like to receive attention from men, without being too explicit.

15. Romantic imagination:

This type of man, instead of seeing the superficial in the woman, looks inside.

A romantic imagination that is carried away by poetic interpretations.