Men Body Parts That Drive Women Crazy

All men are different, both sentimentally and physically; while some have more, others have less, but the proportion is second place when we like a man, we like him and that’s it. Hence, nobody changes our minds.

The reality is that we all have our ideal type of man, but without a doubt, we all have a top of the parts of his body.

Check this:

Men Body Parts That Drive Women Crazy

1. Arms.

Nothing like a good bulge in those biceps so well marked and defined; seeing a man with strong arms makes us feel safe and protected, so a little protection is not rejected, right?

2. Pectorals.

They are the best pillows that can exist, so how many times in the cinema, we do not lean on them or in bed watching movies.

It does not matter if they are very muscular or something small, we love them!

3. Rear.

Nothing like seeing a well-padded pair of pants from the back, so we thank men for those hours they spend doing squats in the gym.

4. Abdomen.

Not that we get demanding, but if there is something we love is to see a strong abdomen, we will not even say that ripped and with some impressive squares if you can, better, but nothing like a flat stomach that shows us how well fit a man can become.

5. Legs.

It is usually the last thing we notice, as they almost always bring baggy pants that do not allow us to fully enjoy and check the level of muscles.