Meanings Of A Woman Touching Her Hair

They say that if a woman touches her hair it is because she likes you …

Today we will see that this may be true, but there are also many other possible meanings.

Let’s see some of them:

Meanings Of A Woman Touching Her Hair

1. She is just combing her hair.

Do not get too excited, many times, in fact, most of them touch their hair simply because they are fixing themselves (not necessarily for you), because they want to look good or because they are a bit vain.

2. She is bored.

We must be careful not to believe that touching her hair is always for something positive because it can also be the opposite: that she is bored and she is distracting herself in another little task …

3. She is nervous.

Many times this gesture can mean nerves; when women are nervous they touch themselves, they scratch, or they caress themselves, in this case, the hair …

4. She is desperate.

In another negative context, women also hold their hair when they are too anxious or desperate, this is a way to get rid of stress.

And finally the most coveted:

5. She likes you or is flirting.

If a woman touches her hair in this way, you are facing a possible conquest, however, studies indicate that a woman can touch her hair up to 200 times a day, so make sure that this action is accompanied by a big smile and a posture open and relaxed.

Good luck with your observation!