Masculine actions that hurt women

There are certain actions and behaviors that men have that harm the feelings of women.

Relationships are maintained thanks to the details with which they were conquered at the beginning of it.

Although science says that falling in love lasts only a few years or even months, it is always important to know how to cultivate, renew and strengthen the emotional ties with the loved one.

Some of the factors that can weaken the love in the couple are excessive obligations, responsibilities, stress, lack of communication, routine and lack of quality time with the loved one.

However, when there is love, commitment, and mutual respect, all obstacles are overcome, no matter how difficult they may seem.

All relationships represent a challenge, because we are all different, but remember that for there to be an emotional equilibrium, equality must be sought.

There are actions and behaviors that sometimes unconsciously some men have, causing the heart of your partner to be hurt, without realizing it or without intending to hurt them.

Here are some of them:

Masculine actions that hurt women

1. To think that he’s always right.

There are men who are too self-centered and do not allow their women to give their opinions, making them feel insecure, distrustful and afraid to make decisions.

This reduces their ability of intelligence, independence and completely destroys their self-esteem.

Although it may not seem like it, one way to break a woman’s heart is to limit her to express her emotions, ideas, and feelings.

2. Deceiving her.

Not all men are unfaithful, nor are women. However, the lies and lack of courage to face reality and deception, lacerate the heart of women.

As painful as the truth is, it is best not to hide it since it is worse when the truth itself comes to light.

3. Having contact with past loves.

Sometimes it is not healthy to keep in touch with the loves of the past, because this behavior can generate many doubts, insecurities, and distrust in the couple.

The friendly relationship can be misunderstood, causing a serious conflict in the relationship.

It is not bad to have a friendship with someone who was your partner, however, do not hide it, involve your wife so she does not lose security and confidence in you.

4. Preferring his mother.

A mother is a blessing and it is the duty of the children to respect her.

It is impossible to deny that there will always be an emotional bond between mother and child, however, when a man downplays his wife because he prefers to be with his mother or only seeks her advice, leaving aside his wife’s, he will surely break her heart.

It is always good to respect your mother and wife, separating the feelings you have for each one.

5. Forgetting important dates.

Most men find it difficult to remember a birthday, wedding anniversary, etc.

But remember that these are important for both, is a way to reflect on the mistakes that were made in the past and to regain strength to continue feeding love.

No matter what celebration you want to make, what really has value is that you remind your wife that she is special to you and that you love her, reminding her of the dates that marked your relationship.

6. Not making time to revive the relationship.

The responsibilities that come with having a family are many, however, when you have the will, you will always seek the opportunity to spend enough time with your wife.

Go back to romanticism, break with routine and rekindle passion and intimacy will help improve your relationship.

It is time to set work limits or any activity you do because your wife needs you, do not break her heart for having other priorities in your life.

There are many mistakes we make when we are in a relationship, but when there is love, respect, and commitment, no problem will be impossible to overcome.