Male Traits Women Can’t Resist

Each person is different and it is in those differences where the individual appeal is.

A world in which all people are equal would be very monotonous and boring.

However, there are some common characteristics that men have that seem to be irresistible for women, and then I will mention the

Male Traits Women Can’t Resist


1. Funny:


What woman does not like to be made laughed?

It is the technique that many men use to conquer, but it must be said that not everyone fits the character.

A spontaneous, funny and witty man is what women love, and if it also makes them laugh, do not say more!

2. Works to achieve his dreams:


And a lazy man, with no ambitions and no desire to improve, is not attractive to anyone.

On the other hand, those who strive to follow their dreams and work hard to achieve them are undoubtedly the ones they most admire.

3. Be sure of yourself:


A man who has the power of conviction and who is sure of the things he does and says is what they would call “a good match”.

Men who demonstrate courage, strength, and security attract women more and make them feel protected and secure.

That attribute, no doubt, is irresistible to them.

But we must not exaggerate … the line between secure and cocky is very thin.

4. That you like children:


This is a very tender feature and shows sensitivity.

A man who gets along well with children is a charismatic, patient and kind man, and those three things are what every woman would like to see in their partners.

5. Emotionally strong:


Women today are very independent and do not need anyone to tell them what to do or how to do it.

But still, many women – and men too – look for that figure in the couple that gives them strength and tranquility when things start to go wrong.

6. That knows to dance:


The majority of women love the dance.

Then when they get a man who also dances and who also does it very well, then they fall in love almost immediately.

It does not matter if he dances very well, or if it is rather regular.

What matters is the attitude and the spirit of moving and enjoying the moment.

7. Is honest about his intentions:


When a man is honest about his intentions from the first moment is proving to be an honest person, and respectful.

And those things are very appreciated and valued by women.