Male Situations That Always Arise Jealousy In A Woman

There are women who declare themselves to be very jealous, others say they are not jealous of their partner and others say they have “normal” jealousy.

But we all have something in common: there are 5 attitudes of our man that ALWAYS unleash our jealousy.

Surely when you see this entry you will remember some other situation.

Male Situations That Always Arise Jealousy In A Woman

1. He does not tell us something he did tell another person.

-How was your day?

– Normal. Nothing unusual happened.

And on Sunday’s family meal his mother asks him: Could you solve that problem that you had with your boss?

And why didn’t you tell me anything?

2. Flirts with another woman.

And worse when he does it in front of us believing that we did not see him.

And what ignites our anger is when he says “you are hallucinating”, “you didn’t see anything”.

Or when he sends text messages to a somewhat tender work companion: “Hello beautiful”, “sweetheart”, “precious”.

Is it really necessary?

3. His hobby becomes an excluding routine.

We arrived home before and we tried to solve all the slopes to dedicate ourselves to him when he arrives … But he arrives and goes out to play a game or something.

Feeling left out we do not like it a bit, especially when the situation is repeated day after day.

4. Comments on how cute his new co-worker is.

Then I asked, “Jane” the new girl, very pretty she is, to reach me the folders …

Is it necessary to mention how beautiful she is? Who cares if she is cute or not?

5. He goes out to eat with that female friend who we don’t like.

Just with that “friend”, who since we met her we have the firm conviction that if he had given her a little attention, she would have declared him her love.

He says that nothing happened, but we are sure that “something” did happen” that, fortunately, never went any further.