Male physical traits that attract women most

Attention to all men! because this time women are going to reveal which aspects they find most attractive on you.

We know that sometimes it can be difficult to conquer them, but to give you a little help we’ll tell you what women like most about you and can make you more attractive.

Male physical traits that attract women most

Male physical traits that attract women most

In Business Insider they created a list of some things that make women crazy and that has been verified by several universities in various studies.

Pay attention so you conquer once and for all that woman who takes away your sleep.

Although before making our revelation, you should know that clearly, this has to be complemented with the personality and way of being of each one.

Take note!

Male physical traits that attract women most

1. Deep voice.

As “El Confidencial” reports on the Business Insider list, “most women are attracted to men with a deep and serious voice.

Not only is it sexier, it’s also easier to remember and, in all respects, more attractive and manly than a high-pitched tone. ”

2. Symmetrical face.

According to the Business Insider video, a symmetrical face is more attractive to women, since it would be a sign of good health and good genes.

3. The jaw.

The Confidential notes that “women are more attracted by large and wide jaws, a sign of solid reproductive health.

Both the prominent jaw and the deep voice seem to be, in addition, attributes associated with the characteristics that have traditionally been considered more masculine. ”

4. The Red color.

“As confirmed by the University of Rochester, red is seen as a symbol of power.”

And they advise betting on “a T-shirt, a jacket or a scarf of this color, as it will help women to see men as more desirable,” they say in the aforementioned website.

5. Beard.

It is known that most women like men with beards, and according to the University of South Wales, women prefer the unshaven male sector.

But attention, it must be a beard not excessively long and always well taken care of.

6. The smile.

At the University of British Columbia, they claim that a man who smiles a lot can show that he is not so “dominant”.

So the advice is to smile in the right measure.