Male gestures that attract women

It is indisputable that the male face attracts women, and plays a decisive role in deciding at a glance if a man is attractive.

Having a marked jaw, straight eyebrows, thin lips, and thick beard are, according to experts, the key features that women interpret as masculine, in addition to being directly related to a high level of testosterone. This male profile would be the classic prototype of protection and fertility.

Scientists believe that the most masculine traits are related to the health of man, so they also increase the chances of survival of children. In addition, the biological impulse that makes them feel attracted to a man with these traits is common in all women.

The masculinity that women like so much is centered in the face, but also in the way of moving and acting.

Do not forget that non-verbal communication is fundamental in the game of seduction and can make a difference when it comes to flirting.

Male gestures that attract women

1. Masculinity.

A Man must demonstrate maturity, strength, tranquility, and confidence.

They are basic characteristics that give women security and stability in a relationship.

2. Movement and contact.

Taking the initiative in physical contact earns you many points.

In addition, men who seek to approach a woman through their movements tend to be much more successful than those who expect her to take the first step.

Yes, it has to be in a subtle way and without bothering her.

3. Walk firm.

Sizing the shoulders and going straight shows that the man is sure of himself, and trust is always attractive.

Without exaggerating the chest, it is best to go with your head high and transmit strength.

4. Beard.

The beard is a clear sign of virility, so it tends to attract women, beyond the aesthetic preferences of each.

No need to wait until it grows, the famous three-day beard can become very attractive and favors the face, marking the features.

5. Natural and physical.

At the end of the day, the best thing is to show ourselves just how we are because in the long run the cake is always discovered.

It’s about the other person liking you, so there’s no point in pretending.

If to the naturalness is added a good care of the physical and the image, the first meeting cannot go wrong.