Love Tips For Men

Depending on age, men tend to keep more negative memories than women in general, so it may be a little more difficult to open up and expose ourselves again after having lived negative experiences.

However, isolating ourselves is the last thing we should do, we must always give love the opportunity to achieve that long-awaited true love.

Meet the best love tips for men:

Love Tips For Men

1. Keep the details up to date.

A man is usually not expected to surprise with special details and that is why being thoughtful is essential and one of the most important love tips for men.

By giving a detail you show that you are capable of surprising and that you will not always stick to what is expected of you, that fuels the mystery in a relationship and the mystery is aphrodisiac.

2. Remember the special dates.

It is normal for men that special dates are not always a priority and tend to be overlooked very often, but there are ways to avoid that.

A man who can remember special dates has a particular advantage over others, it must be used as a super-powerful secret weapon. If you have a bad memory there are many ways to program calendars so that they remember the dates for you.

3. Always keep promises.

When a man loves, he is usually able to promise anything to please his love, but sometimes he promises more than he can, even things he cannot keep.

Never promise more than you can fulfill, give value to your word, and show that everything you say will come true, or at least you will put all your effort and your heart into achieving it.

4. Learn to listen.

When men are in love, they have the tendency to think that only love will be enough to maintain a long-term relationship, but this is not the case.

Listening to your partner is not going to kill you, it is understood that for some men it is not customary to talk and listen to talk about feelings, but perhaps it is for your partner. If you love that person take the time to listen to how they feel.

It may be uncomfortable at first for some, but it is clear that it has many benefits in people.

5. Protection should not become jealousy.

A man in love will always have the tendency to protect his partner, want her to be safe and secure thanks to him. That is normal but everything in excess is bad, even protection.

When overprotecting a partner, he tends to suffocate and this creates tension in relationships and can end in obsessive jealousy. When a man loves he believes he can possess and this is wrong.

6. Intimacy is a matter for both of you.

This may sound funny but if you are a man in love and you comply with all the other love tips for men in this post, the only thing you lack to be the perfect man is to have good intimacy … You understand.

What we want to share with you is that if you are already having an intimate life with your partner, make sure that you enjoy it as much as she does.

Love can die if one person does not feel completely fulfilled with another. So it is vital to know that you and your partner are in tune while together.

7. Don’t give too much importance to the past.

It is one thing to tell your partner about your experiences and another to make her see that you still care or even hurt, do not make the mistake of making her believe that you still live in the past. If you talk too much about some of your most traumatic or unfavorable experiences, you will make her believe that if you could, you would go back to that time in your life and change things.

The best thing is that it is visible and it is understood that you have learned from those experiences and have matured, that they have served as a point of support and base to build a much healthier and better relationship than you ever had.

8. Project yourself into the future while still living in the present.

Look to the future and direct your course towards your goals and objectives, there is nothing more attractive than self-confidence and the feeling of security that emanates from us and involves the people around us.

Even so, don’t forget to live in the present and give time to those little things that are important to you and your partner or your future partner, let her know that you have goals and plans and that you want her to be part of them.

9. Consent and court forever.

It seems one of the easiest love tips for men to achieve but the truth is that it is not, as time goes by, regardless if you are courting with the hope of achieving something or are already a couple, love decreases the same as interest.

In the case of having a relationship, monotony and the wrong feeling of security leads us to put aside such important things like constantly consenting and courting. Make sure to do it once in a while, bring out a smile, open your heart, and express what you feel.