Lies women say the most

Men ask too much and sometimes they leave women no choice but to lie. Check out the most common lies that women say

Women are experts in getting out of any problem, and sometimes they do it by stretching the truth a bit (or changing it completely).

We asked 30 women what was the most common lie they told their partner, and these are the results.

Lies women say the most

1. “No problem”/ “Do not worry anymore”.

Even men know that these dreaded phrases are always a lie.

In fact, when listening to them, the opposite rule must be applied: when a woman says that there is no problem, it is when there are more problems.

2. “I’m ready!”.

It may be that she repeats this false phrase to calm herself while she delineates her eyes at full speed, she raises the zipper of the dress and put on perfume, but she knows that it is not true.

No woman is really ready until she arrives at the party (even in the car she keeps arranging herself).

3. “What are you thinking?.

“What a silly question!

Women always have something in mind, but sometimes they want to punish men with their silence.

Answering this profound male doubt with a “nothing” is the third most common lie that women say.

4. “I found him by chance”.

This lie is not only common but very ingenious.

There are friends that you don’t want her to have any kind of relationship with.

She wants to keep seeing them but she also feels guilty when lying, so to have a more or less clean conscience she says that she hit the individual by mere chance.

5. “It’s just a friend”.

This is the lie that every woman has ever uttered in her life to get out of a problem that could take on catastrophic proportions.

She does not like him anymore, there is absolutely nothing between them, but still, she feels the need to hide what she had in the past.

It’s normal, but this lie becomes very dangerous if she still frequents her ex-romance.

6. “Yes, it’s the biggest I’ve seen!”.

The curious thing about this phrase is that by saying it, it instantly becomes reality: the man’s ego becomes gigantic when she scares away his fears and says that his penis is the best in the world.

This lie never fails, and in this subject, she would never resort to the truth.

7. “You are the first”.

What do men have by being the first in absolutely everything?

From sex to phrases and places, men always ask if she had already gone to such place with someone else, if before she had felt like now, or if someone else had already said to her “I love you teddy bear.”

It’s not that she likes to lie, but if she told the truth, the moment would be completely ruined.

8. “I did not drink anything” / “We were pure women”.

Going out to dance or having a drink without her partner always involves a questionnaire (sometimes infinitely long) about the event, and what men are most interested in is whether she drank a lot and who accompanied her.

What do you think she’s going to answer?