Lies that says a woman who does not care about you

When you have certain time dating someone and things just do not move forward, you can start to question what will be happening, you may like that person very much but she may not want anything to do with you.

Some women have a hard time being direct or just do not know how to use the right words, or they are afraid of hurting you, that is why they use lies.

Pay attention to these words because according to the psychologist Gregory Kushnick, a specialist in couples, these are the 10 lies told by someone who does not care:

Lies that says a woman who does not care about you

1. I’m still not ready.

More than a lie, it is more an explanation and although it seems absurd, it is one of the most frequent so as not to advance to something more serious.

2. I still keep thinking about my ex.

According to Reddit, this is one of the phrases that are most frequently heard in order to get out of a situation in which one does not want to reach a courtship.

3. I want to keep meeting more people.

Dr. Kushnick believes that this phrase indicates that this person simply fears enlisting in a serious new commitment with everything that implies: monogamy, strong emotional ties, risking getting hurt.

4. I’m busy to get involved in a relationship.

Perhaps there are very strong reasons in between, such as the death of a family member, some illness, the divorce of their parents or something that really changes their lives.

But work or school rarely really get in the way of something or someone that really matters.

5. Now is not a good moment.

This can be a total lie that often comes from people who just want to have a good time and are not thinking about the future.

6. I need to think of things.

“Time is very important with respect to commitment because some women are just trying, especially after a long relationship,” explained Dr. Kushnick.

7. I am not prepared for a relationship.

When the person is not the indicated, one is never prepared, is what lies behind this common lie, it seems that we have all heard at some time.

8. I assure you that it is not you, it is me.

She says she does not know what she wants, that she has problems in her life, that she is very confused, stressed, and therefore can not stay with you because she does not want you to suffer.

Do not hesitate, if she liked you, and if she had personal problems, she would love to be able to face them with you and would be very happy to have you.

9. You are so good that I do not deserve you.

The phrases like “I do not deserve you” or “You deserve someone better than me” are cheap excuses.

Instead of telling you directly that she does not love you, she prefers a lie of little logic: if she liked you, she would do everything to be with a man as “good and wonderful” as you are.

10. I have suffered so much before, I need to be alone.

She says she has not overcome the separation of her ex.

Yes, it may be that she remembers her ex, but it will be because she understood that she can not love you.

When she meets someone special for her, she stops comparing him with her ex.