Laws to impress a woman

Dear friend, we are going to facilitate you the hard task of seducing. Then we reveal the attitudes that you should have to generate, in girls, a good first impression … Of those that leave them wanting more.

The site, specialized in non-verbal communication, dedicated to men a ranking with the fundamental laws of the first impression.

Here they are, these are, the things that they should keep in mind:

Laws to impress a woman

1. Start a talk.


It’s not that women want to put pressure on you, but … The first three minutes are decisive in a match.

So, if she is not very talkative, take the initiative.

Try to pose a topic that may be of general interest, such as work or what type of cinema she likes.

If you barely know each other, there are three forbidden topics: politics, religion, and her sports fanaticism.

2. Remember the details.


Always, on the first date, women give the information that they consider most important in their life:

About family, work and what they like to do.

If you want the relationship to prosper, you should remember each of those details. For them, it is fundamental!

3. Sit up straight.


Because of nerves or because you feel confident, your posture may feel resentful and seem to be falling out of your chair.

This will project disinterest towards the woman.

So, better, stay well supported on the backrest.

4. Do not “sell” yourself.


Do not talk too much about your achievements, what you earn, the car you bought or how excellent you are at work.

That will ruin your image quickly.

Women do not like to be told what you have. In any case, you can tell them what you aspire to.

5. Relax and enjoy.


Do not think about what may happen after the meeting or what image she will have of you, just concentrate on the moment and try to have a good time.

Show yourself authentic and natural: well, as you are.

6. Smile.


It is good to show yourself smiling, but it is bad to abuse the smile (yes, women are complicated).

If you keep showing your teeth all the time, you will look absolutely false.

7. Show yourself in a good mood.


The “rough macho” is already gone.

Now women prefer nice, sociable men, who show themselves to be good companions.

So, even if the waiter spills a drink on the table, stay relaxed.

8. Speak as always.


Some men, to impress girls, use a complex vocabulary or show themselves “in pose”, with an attitude that does not go with their personality.

Keep in mind that women are not easy to cheat: they realize when something is forced.

9. Focus on her.


Turn off the phone and avoid getting distracted by the environment.

Better look at her, listen to her and show yourself interested in her.

If you can focus on what she is saying, your success is almost assured.

That’s what every girl looks for!

10. Mark the end.


The mystery is an important factor in the first meetings.

Therefore, to end a meeting, do not wait for her to “cool down”.

If you see that she shows signs of being tired (she may be tired, although she has had a great time), it is time to finish.

Let her wanting to see you again.

Do you agree with the 10 laws? What is, for you, what most impresses a woman?