Keys to understanding women in matters of love

Does it worry me to make him fall in love or that I really fall in love with him?

It is the great question that many women feel when starting a relationship and that many men assume that alone, with their attitude and good vibes they can make women fall in love and, the truth is that it is not so.

In the video, you can see 5 everyday phrases that women usually use when they fall in love. Judge them yourself!

(The phrases were taken from a widely visited article on the Internet).


Keys to understanding women in matters of love

1. I do not worry about falling in love I worry that you will not fall in love with me.

The first sentence cited supports the hypothesis that women who have reached emotional maturity and know what they really want in their lives want to find a self-confident man who is not a cocky idiot (like many of those who abound)…

2. I do not care about my ideas, I worry about yours.

Do not worry if your girlfriend has more character than you!

She may be an untamable beast but with you being the most tender woman, however, if you reject her, she is sure that she will have abandoned you before because no woman likes to follow someone who, in short, does not keep up with her pace.

3. I do not care about my past, I worry about yours.

As the sentence affirms most self-confident women, are more concerned about their partner’s past, than their own, because most self-sufficient and successful women have left the past completely behind and live only from the present because this is how they should live.

4. I do not worry about being alone, I worry about being with the wrong people.

On the other hand, if you meet a strong and rude woman do not think that she pretends to be difficult, understand that plain and simply SHE IS THAT way and little will matter to her to remain alone.

5. It’s not that I can not find a man who loves me, it’s that I do not find a man to love.

Women are sure of themselves, they do not want a couple that fulfills the function of father in the relationship, that is to say that he is all the time pending of them, on the contrary, they look for company and love, of the purest, because they are in another stage of life, in which they love with freedom and fullness, without attachments.