Keys to know if a woman likes you

Although it may seem that deciphering what happens to a woman is an almost impossible task, let me tell you that each and every woman gives certain patterns of behavior so you can detect whether she likes you or not.

However, the task is not 100% simple, since in certain cases the signs can be misleading.

Keys to know if a woman likes you

Keys to know if a woman likes you

Knowing what happens in a woman’s heart can be enigmatic, hidden and unreadable to the naked eye.

Of course, this will also depend on whether you have a married, shy, divorced woman in mind, as well as whether you want to approach her in the traditional way or prefer to use a digital method (such as WhatsApp, for example).

You have to learn to recognize the signals that she sends you.

Keys to know if a woman likes you

1. Scanning by her.

When a woman likes something, she cannot avoid observing you in “scanning” mode.

You have to know that this is not a conscious signal on her part.

She can not help but pay attention to your appearance and will stare at you for a few seconds.

2. When she sees you smiles and runs to say hello.

A sign that a woman likes you is that when she sees you, she comes over to say hello or smiles from afar.

3. She keeps her eyes and gently dilates her pupils.

This is another indication that you should be aware of.

A woman who is not interested in you can talk to you but avoids staring into your eyes.

On the contrary, she will fix her gaze on other people or divert it to the room, living room or wherever you are.

4. Touches your shoulder or arm gently.

This is a technique that women use to get close to the man they like.

5. Generating a “casual” contact.

If a woman likes you, there is a 97% chance that she will not invite you to go out, since this action is culturally oriented to be performed by the man.

On the contrary, she can use an excuse to generate that encounter between both.

If you notice that it is repeated several times, then maybe you find yourself facing a woman who likes you.

6. Pay attention to the topics of conversation.

When a woman who likes you goes to you, she will never mention an ex-boyfriend.

And if she does, it can be a sign that she has no interest in you.

Anyway, do not get discouraged. This does not mean that she can not get interested in you in the future.

If she sits in front of you, listens to what you say attentively and you feel that both of you are attentive to what the other person has to say, it is very likely that it is a coincidence of love.

7. Look at her hair.

This is one of the observations that most men do not exactly distinguish.

Of course, any woman who likes to be groomed will move her hair at all times.

However, if this happens frequently when you are around, it is likely that she is trying to move her hair to shake pheromones from her body towards you.

Do not forget the importance of the sense of smell in love or seduction.

With this, we are not saying that you should start smelling the hair of the women you like.

But you must take into account this unconscious signal that her body is sending you.

8. Crosses the leg.

If you are sitting close to her observe the way she crosses her legs.

If she places the leg on your side over the other leg, then it means that she likes you.