Keys to conquer an independent woman

Formerly, perhaps back in prehistory or even earlier, to conquer a woman, you had to give her an apron and a mop. This offensive and vulgar joke has lasted over the years and seems to be transmitted from generation to generation.

Currently, men go liberal and liberal, want (outwardly teeth) an independent woman, and apparently (which is not the same as certainty) flee from the helpless damsels waiting in a tower to get their prince charming to rescue them.

Lie, men do not like liberal, independent and strong women. Those who do not need them, those who shout: I am happy with you but I will be happy without you! They are terrified of such a woman, with more ego than them.

And it is not their fault, it is imposed by society, by culture. Men were the ones who worked, the ones who brought the money home. We arrived tired and, women, had the food prepared, the house clean, the children lying down and a broad smile willing to satisfy all and each one of your needs.

But as the older ones say: hope is the last thing that is lost. And for that reason, I want to give you some notions of how to conquer an independent woman, those men who are lost by nineteen-something and get on the train of time to the 21st century.

Keys to conquer an independent woman

1. Avoid answering with an “OK”.

Women elaborate their conversations or text messages.

They are of vital importance, in them, their feelings and emotions are expressed.

Work a response that is up to the task, an “OK” is detected by their radar as the absolute indifference towards them. Be careful.

2. If you make a promise, fulfill it!

Women hate castles in the air. If you are not able to compromise with your words, they prefer that you do not speak.

3. If your friends think your partner is crazy, go crazy with and for her.

I assure you that living in female madness is much more fun and pleasant than a beer mug.

4. Do not let others influence a couple’s decision.

Remember the old saying, two are company and three are multitude!

5. Do not lose your personality when you are with your friends.

Women do not hate your colleagues, they hate who you become when you are with them.

6. May her achievements make you happy.

Encourage her to set new goals and help her achieve them.

7. Let her be your priority, not the choice among many.

Women are like the African elephant, they have the smell twice as developed as dogs and five times more than humans.

With this, I want to tell you that they smell when you prowl others.

8. Respect her, her family and her circle of friends.

9. Worry about her sexual desires and fantasies.

It is very good that you take the initiative, but not to the point where you only enjoy yourself.

Women also like sex. Worry about knowing what she likes.

Remember that they are perfect at faking orgasms, and also remember that once they pretend, they do not repeat, neither the orgasm nor the lover.

10. Become her confidant.

Listen to her, understand her, try not to judge her, but above all make her feel that you are always there.

Women are not really that complicated, it is true that sometimes they say “yes” when in reality it is “not”, and they may even get confused with a “do whatever you want” which is a “do not you dare”; but except those peculiarities they all get happy with a sincere kiss and a sympathetic hug.