Kamasutra positions preferred by women

Attention men, # MujerDe10 shares the positions of the Kamasutra preferred by women, take note and practice them, you will notice that the woman will feel greater pleasure. Girls to share the note with their boyfriends, friends, lovers, couples, etc …

Kamasutra positions preferred by women

1. The V.

The woman sits on the edge of a table.

The man is standing before her and bends the legs, so he is in the best position to “enter.”

Now she puts her arms around his neck and her legs place them up on his shoulders.

Finally, she leans back.

2. The Amazon.

The man sits comfortably on a chair, the woman sits on him looking at him.

While moving back and forth, he caresses her breasts.

3. Riding backward.

The man lying on his back, the woman, sitting astride over him, giving him her back and knees resting on the floor, move back and forth.

She can at the same time caress the sex of her partner or her clitoris.

4. Two floors.

The man lies on his back while the woman does the same but on him.

She should arch her back a bit until she lies on his chest, resting on her elbows.

5. Ascension to lust.

He is standing with his feet firmly anchored to the ground.

She stands in front of him and lets herself lift up.

She surrounds him with her legs and rests with her feet on the bed or the sofa.

Now he can play with her position, lifting or lowering her.

The movement should be up and down, fast and at the same time deep.

6. Mill blade.

The man and the woman sit side by side on the bed so that they can look at each other.

Then she wraps her legs around his torso.

To maintain balance, he is supported with both hands. Finally, he hugs her waist with his legs, holds her thighs and moves gently up and down.

7. The clip.

The man lies on his back with his legs together.

The woman sits on him, bends her torso back and rests on her hands.

During the act, since the woman is in charge of the rhythm, he will be able to caress the Mons pubis and stimulate her clitoris.

8. The column.

Perfect for those women who suffer some back pain.

9. Puppy style.

The penetration in the position of the puppy is the best to achieve orgasm because it makes the vagina and anal ducts closer in proximity.

10. The number 8.

The woman lies on her back with her legs slightly ajar, preferably with a cushion under her buttocks, to facilitate penetration.

He lies on her, resting on his arms and places his hands on either side of her head.

The woman places her hands on the man’s hips and helps him make 8-shaped movements.