Ingredients that make you a more attractive man

Women like men who make them laugh, that is scientifically proven, and it is good news for men who were not born with great physical attractiveness, but besides that, there are other ‘ingredients’ that would make you an irresistible man in front of women and raise your attractiveness.

The expert psychologist Ronald E. Riggio has a column in the specialized portal Psychology Today where he has described what would be the key elements that would increase your attractiveness before women.

“Not all of us are born beautiful, but there are actually more ingredients in the mix that make a person sexually or interpersonally attractive.

Being physically striking is just one of the four components, “explains the psychologist.

Ingredients that make you a more attractive man

1. The charisma:

Just as a sense of humor is a powerful attraction, girls like men who always have a warm smile, a pleasant look, and friendly expression, at least for them.

“We all know people who are not classically beautiful, but they express themselves in such a way that they seem sexy and attractive to us,” said the psychologist.

2. Moments:

The moments you spend, the circumstances and the context can make you find a certain person attractive.

“Research has shown that even if we experience something exciting, we can attribute some elements of excitement to the person we are with and feel more attracted to him or her,” explains the psychologist.

3. Static appeal:

In other words, the physical characteristics we have since birth.

“The physical aspect can be altered by aging, injuries or plastic surgery, but in general, it is the component of physical attraction with which we can not do much about it,” says Riggio.

4. Personal image:

Usually, the first impression is the one that commands but that does not mean that your personal presence in the future is a disaster.

A great tip is to keep yourself always fixed.

“This includes all the things that one can do for their appearance in general and that will make you more physically attractive, such as grooming, makeup, hairstyle, style of clothing, etc.

It is the component of altered attractiveness when one undergoes a change of image “, affirms the specialist.