Infallible strategies to keep her in love with you

It may sound like a clich√© when they say “You must love your wife every day”, as if it were the movie 50 first dates, with Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore.

But the truth is that there is not a single woman who puts this in doubt, and yet most of us stay halfway (or just forget it).

It would be easier for us to have a to know what to do, right?

Infallible strategies to keep her in love with you

Infallible strategies to keep her in love with you

Here you have 10 infallible strategies, in order of importance.

Apply them every day so that she is always in love with you:

Infallible strategies to keep her in love with you

# 10. What do you have her number for if you do not call her?

Call her a couple of times a day just to find out how she is doing; in that way, you will know what expectations to have when you see her at the end of the day and how her mood can be.

For example, if she has had a bad experience at work, it is unlikely that she will demonstrate full joy for an achievement you have achieved.

This is called emotional intelligence!

# 9. Say “I love you” and “have a nice day” every morning.

This is the best way to transmit good vibes to your partner so that she faces the daily stress, the traffic jams, the stuck printers and the annoying co-workers.

# 8 Be proud to be seen together.

Happy couples like to be seen together and often show affection through physical contact; It is very common to see a hand on the arm, knee or neck.

It is not about exhibiting themselves for everyone to notice them (like Tom Cruise in his time with Katie Holmes), it is more like a sign that they belong to each other.

This sensation comes from within; You externalize it walking as the luckiest man in the world because the most beautiful woman on the planet is with you.

And since you are together …

# 7 Walks next to her, preferably taking her by the hand.

Instead of walking a few steps in front of her, make sure to stay by her side and hold her hand as you walk.

Remember that it is more important who you are with at that moment than marking the walk where you are going.

# 6 Go to bed at the same time as her.

Do you remember that when you met her, you practically could not wait to go to bed and make love to her?

Even if you have to work late or you have to get up in the middle of the night, keep the habit of going to bed with her.

Even when you are too tired to have sex, skin-to-skin contact is an excellent emotional bridge between you and it is ideal to practice it every night.

#5. Hold her as soon as you see her when she returns from work.

Our skin has memory for three types of contact: the loving (through affection), the hurtful (through mistreatment) and the absent (through indifference).

If you embrace your girl every day, she will remember that loving contact that she needs so much, and she will remain impregnated with you.

#4. Say “Good evening” every night, regardless of how you feel.

This tells your girl that regardless of how upset you are with her, you value the relationship above all else; that what they have is much bigger than any argument or incident you might have.

What is the use of pride if all it does is to get you away from who you love?

And talking about getting closer to her …

#3. Cultivate common interests.

When passion begins to decline, it is common for you to realize that you have less in common with your partner than you thought;

Do not underestimate this fact and try to find new experiences that both can share each week.

Of course, do not stop cultivating your own interests, since the balance between the couple and the individual is the key to a healthy psyche.

#2. Develop trust and forgiveness.

If you want your girl to trust you, start by developing her confidence and letting go of the arguments that you know will not take the relationship anywhere.

Why can’t you watch today the romantic comedy that she asked you?

Surely she will do the same with your soccer match, right?

In the same way, if you trust her, there will be no reason for her not to do the same with you.

This is a reciprocal agreement that will make you happy for many years.

#1. Think more about what your partner does well than what she does wrong.

If you are always looking for your girl’s mistakes, I do not doubt that it will be easy for you to get one every five minutes; especially when the first phase of falling in love has passed and you begin to truly know her.

But have you really devoted yourself to thinking and feeling all that she does for you, and she does well?

Everything depends on what you want to emphasize in your partner. Do you prefer to accentuate the negative or the positive?