Infallible Details That Women Love From Men

Memes that make fun of love, the woman in love, the man who is looking for a lady for the rest of his life and the perfect relationship, are virilized in the networks. However, many people actually look for ways to attract the opposite sex.

These are the 10 details that women love about gentlemen.

Infallible Details That Women Love From Men

1. Being thoughtful:

All women love it when the man who wants her or has a relationship with her, takes the time to give her flowers, makes love letters, leave her a text saying he loves her, wake her up with kisses, give her candy, take her food to work … and spoil her.

2. Help her with her car maintenance:

Many women have trouble keeping their cars in good condition. A tire about to flatten is not a bad idea to change it, or add air, put oil in the car, take it to wash … etcetera ”.

3. Doing things at home:

When they are in a hurry, a partner who surprises them with breakfast in bed or offers to cook a delicious dinner after work or make a simple day a special day with something that she likes.

Women are fascinated when he does not have the role of the bossy, and men start washing dishes or cleaning the house.

4. A super fresh breath:

There is nothing better than when he comes up smelling fresh, and not smelling like onion, garlic, or the beer from the day before. The bad oral odor discourages everyone from physical contact.

5. That he is not flirtatious with her friends:

The worst thing that a woman can experience is a couple who smiles at her female friends, pays attention to them, and is detailed with them while ignoring her. Women run away from these men.

6. The smell of clean is everything:

Whoever said that women are attracted to the smell of sweat is wrong. It is one thing to bathe and immediately sweat when exercising, the other is to allow sweat to remain for several hours in the armpits. Women also run away from men with the smell of garlic, onion, alcohol, and dirt.