Infallible dating tips for single men

For many single men, dating can be intimidating, especially on the first date after having chatted or on the phone for a long time with someone special.

If you do not know well what to do or how to act or simply if you are too anxious or nervous, then stop worrying!

For these cases, we have developed the following tips for you to be successful in your next meeting.

Infallible dating tips for single men


On your first date, you play everything.

Therefore, shyness is not the best option when it comes to finding a partner.

It is important that you are a conversationalist, that you can provide a conversation topic and also that you know how to listen.

Women love charismatic men and they can chat with them. Of course, avoid talking too much, since you do not want to stun your date.

2. THE chivalry ABOVE ALL.

It may appear old FASHIONED but it is something that women continue to adore and it never fails.

Try that everything is perfect and always show respect and kindness.

If you are going to eat, it would be good for you to make the invitation and have chivalrous gestures all the time.

Either open the door for your companion to pass, give her the seat, etc. Every detail will be taken into account.


The place for the first date is important.

Try to make it a place where you can do things because you never know how everything can turn out. If you do it in a very intimate environment and the thing does not work, it can play against you.

Therefore, try to create a playful date like going to the movies, going to the theater, having a coffee, going for a walk, etc. Which if it doesn’t work, you can make the excuse to leave or at least watch a movie in her company.

But if you date at home and it does not turn out to be the thing, throwing the person out is not a very cordial possibility.


Something that single men should be very clear about, is that pushing is not an option. That is, pushing for something to happen.

Many girls prefer to go slow no matter how much they like the guy and everything is fine.

Therefore it is important that you can respect the person’s times and that you do not show yourself anxious or that you just want to reach only one point.

It is important that you give time for things to happen.


This does not mean that you should look sexy or be extremely attractive. But you must look tidy.

For this, it is enough that you wear fashionable clothing, suitable for the occasion and a neat appearance.

A good perfume can do a lot (women go crazy with a rich fragrance).

So take enough time to give a neat appearance and according to the date.

Nothing plays more against than a misaligned and unkempt man. Remember that it is your first date and the first impression is everything.

These are just some of the tips for single men on the first date. There are many more, but they are more than enough to start with, and do not forget to leave us a comment if you liked the entry.