Indications That Your Girl Is Not Really Interested In You

How to attract a woman is a question that assaults us from time to time in our lives, it is also a recurring question of a difficult answer.

One of the most important things when it comes to answering this question is to know if our girl is really interested in us.

Of course, it is always good to be sure, and for this reason, I am going to present you with five clear and univocal indications that she is not interested in you.

Indications That Your Girl Is Not Really Interested In You

1. When dating tips do not work.

If you are doing everything in your power to conquer her and the only response you receive is abjection and indifference, you can definitely conclude that something is not right.

Many women enter into a relationship with impossible expectations worthy of being told in a fairy tale. If the girl you’ve run into is of this type, you have little alternative but to cut to the bone and say goodbye to that woman honorably.

There is much more fish in the sea and it does not make sense that we get out of touch with a relationship that is not going well. Sometimes the best dating tips involve breaking the relationship and starting a new one.

2. When to find enough love.

We have to live in a time in which feminism, a behavior disclosed by empowered women that has no rhyme or reason, but that nevertheless is being inculcated into a new generation.

Surely you’ve noticed that among teenagers reigns a look that aims to break down the gender barriers, with guys who seem effeminate, skinny and long hair and girls of tough character and devoid of femininity.

This spirit has contaminated some women already in years who think that their farts smell like roses when we all know that it is not like that. If you have come across one of these individuals, you are probably a victim of verbal disqualifications or you feel inferior.

It is a destructive relationship that is not worth encouraging when there are so many nice women on the dating pages. You do not have to know so much to figure out how to attract a new woman.

3. When she lies and refuses you.

Some women may be in love with you, but they need more joy, more salt and more adventure in their lives.

This means that they end up putting the horns with some gym boy or business gentleman.

You know that your girl feels guilty when she does not look at you, her voice seems to be interrupted and anything can lead to screaming. The feeling of guilt usually makes her especially irascible and also tend to improve her abilities, already innate at the time of lying.

4. Lack of attention towards you and excessive attention towards other men.

Some women believe that they can betray a man’s trust without cost.

This is not true, the cost is usually the disheartening panorama that looms over a man after a traumatic breakup.

But how do you get to this point?

Maybe until a few days ago, everything went well. It does not matter if the relationship has a few weeks or years.

Everything may be like silk and suddenly everything is ruined. What happened?

There is not just one reason, but laziness, tiredness or simply a lack of criterion person who can also make your woman stop attending you and preferring to look at other men, even shamelessly.