Indications that a woman is falling in love with another man

These are the signals that a woman usually sends when she prefers someone other than her partner.

It does not necessarily have to be physical contact with another person to worry and doubt if there is an affair with someone else, men and women are different, while men do tend to go by the side of intimate relationships, women can begin to get hooked emotionally.

Indications that a woman is falling in love with another man

Indications that a woman is falling in love with another man

When a woman feels lacking in her marriage, it is possible that little by little she loses the illusion of continuing with her partner and falling before the charms of another.

Indications that a woman is falling in love with another man


You can notice that she acts as if she is hiding something that she does not want to talk about, she can show herself somehow evasive if she does not look you directly in the eye if you ask her if something happens she can change the subject.


Usually, women are very emotional and show what they feel, if you feel that the relationship has cooled, if she no longer kisses or hugs you with the same enthusiasm, it can be a warning signal.


When a woman starts dating someone, she obviously needs time to be with that person, time that takes her away from her partner, there may be constant excuses for extra work, meetings with friends, appointments in the classroom that take several hours.

If she fails to talk about her day to day, she may be trying to hide something.


Her device is always at her side and she does not leave it for a moment, it is taken everywhere.

It can be worrisome when you enter a room and she is with her cell phone but as soon as she sees you she stops doing what she was doing, or when she goes away to answer it.


Suddenly she may have the worry of trying to look much better than before, fixes herself better, exercises or pretends to make herself some arrangements, there is nothing wrong with wanting to look good, but a sudden worry could be caused by the birth of a third person.


When a woman falls before the charms of someone else, the kisses and affection of her partner can seem uncomfortable and she can be upset by the moments of intimacy.

Sometimes guilt can make us have opposite feelings, after an infidelity, some people are more attentive and loving with their partner.


It is possible that when love vanishes, what once seemed pleasant to our partner, now bothers us, there may be criticisms for things that are done and seem irritating if something before did not bother her and now is cause for conflict, maybe something is happening.