Ideas To Excite A Woman

One of the most frequent complaints of females regarding their male partners is centered on their genitals, forgetting the rest of their bodies. There are many to choose from.

Each woman is different, so some of the following ideas may work better than others.


Ideas To Excite A Woman

1. Caresses, many caresses.

Gently, he begins to caress her.

Do it for ten seconds, and then stop. One minute later, do it for half a minute and repeat.

If it is done in different parts of the body, it reminds her how sensitive she is, and little by little she begins to want to feel more.

They should always be soft caresses and varying the way of touch: with the palm, with the fingers, with the tips of the finger, etc.

2. Practice the no-advance.

Related to the previous point: tell her that you want to know more about her and what she likes.

Start with the caresses, and tell her you’ll keep doing it until she tells you what she wants you to do next.

In this way, she will feel more relaxed and you will know what she likes about sex.

3. Soft voice.

If you talk loudly or scream, it is most likely that she does not get turned on, but leaves.

In addition, if talking to her loudly, with “emphasis”, or shouting is the only way she pays attention, you go very badly.

On the other hand, if you speak in a soft and safe voice, she should pay attention to listen to you.

In that way, her senses will begin to concentrate on you.

Even more so if you usually do not speak softly: this will show her that you consider her as someone special.

4. Kisses.

Every woman likes a different kind of kiss, especially when it comes to intimacy.

Do not limit yourself only to her lips: the area between the ear and the neck, for example, is one of the closest to her mouth, and from there you can go up or down, depending on what she prefers.

5. Confidence in yourself.

Trust is very sexy.

If you are sure of yourself, you will show that you are a person with whom it is a good idea, or desirable, to be.

If she asks you the reason for your increased self-confidence, tell her that it is, at least in part, thanks to her, her suggestions, or her support.

There are differences between having confidence and being a pedant, so be careful not to cross that line.

6. Propose new things.

Ask her if she would like to do something that she has seen in a certain place.

Put the emphasis on how much the people who were doing it seemed to enjoy, and please, that it is not a pornographic film. That kind of productions is what sex could become, but not what it is.

If you let her know that you would like to try it to please both of you, or her, it is more possible for her to access.

7. Take care of your hygiene.

Sometimes, what does not make her want to spend pleasant moments with you is your lack of personal care.

She may not tell you how bad your breath smells, because that’s how women were raised, but that does not mean it’s not disgusting.

Also, if you are not clean with your mouth or your body, what do you think she will think when she imagines your genitals?

Clean, desirable, disease-free? No.

8. Ask for permission.

Before penetrating her, ask if she allows it.

If she says no, continue with the previous game until she changes her mind, or be creative and try something new.

If she says yes, she will feel that she has more power in the situation she was thinking about, which is very exciting.

Not as much as the last point, of course, but very sexy.

9. The sexiest of all.

Sex is one of those areas where people show what they really look like.

For a woman, a man who stops when she tells him to do so means that he respects her more than his wishes and that he will not hurt her because he wants pleasure.

That is why, before she starts to take off her clothes, you should take her gently from the shoulders, look her in the eyes and ask her if she wants to continue.

If and only if she says yes, directly and unequivocally (you must insist on this, saying things like “I need you to be clear that you are sure to continue”).