How you know a woman likes you – 10 Sure signs that a woman likes you

If there is something that costs in life is the first step in matters of love. The fear that leaves you an “I love you as a friend” is not easy to overcome, especially when one does not go through life like a Brad Pitt.

How you know a woman likes you

How you know a woman likes you

And since this is a drama since the man is the man, a group of researchers of Lancaster University and London Imperial College tried to find out what are the signals women send on how you know a woman likes you.

In these study also participated Paul Ekman, one of the best psychologists of the twentieth century, according to the American Psychological Association. So go take note.

The signs how you know a woman likes you

1 – Good humor comes out through the pores

Mischievous, natural, nervous, giggle smile … a woman laughs openly when enjoying the company of a man she likes, feels happy and gratified. To keep feeling comfortable, the man should not be in a hurry.

2 – Touches you by chance

When a woman tries to approach the man who loves, accidentally touches him: it touches the arm, leg or shirt … men should not waste this time, but try to differentiate intentional from accidental touches.

3 – She coincides with him

So many coincidences, that women seem to read the minds of men and guess what he will do. There are many encounters that seem fortuitous.

4 – Throws intermittent glances

Researchers advise men to learn to look at women directly. They can analyze and discard a man with a single look.

5 – Play a lot with her hair

Although women are usually always accommodating their hair, sometimes they just do it to attract men, it is a more premeditated gesture, a more meticulous movement than normal while maintaining eye contact.

6 – Cross her legs

The woman puts the leg that’s further from the man above the other leg to show the calf. In this position, the leg muscles are more provocative.

7 – She directs the chin and face to the man

The woman turns the chin slightly to the man. It is a gesture that reveals that cares what her partner says. Women like to talk face to face.

8 – The feet are slightly apart

When the woman is standing, the dynamism with which maintains the balance tells us the emotion she feels. If both legs are straight and expressionless, no passion. If they are slightly open or playing with the ankles, she is nervous.

9 – Remembers details of previous conversations

A woman, by distracted she is, does not forget the small details that a man says when she is interested in him. Maybe the man has forgotten them, but she doesn’t. Look at those details.

10 – Do not feel intimidated by your proximity

If she really likes the man, she doesn’t care when he approach her, but it must be timely, not rushed. How do I know? A simple way to approach a woman without threatening her space is to direct your attention away from the man: look for something that can draw attention (another couple, a sculpture …), point it with a look as she approaches. If she nods back is a bad sign.