How to win back a woman forever

When a man has lost the woman of his life, his most fervent desire is to know how to reconquer her and forever.

Breaking up with a woman you’re still very much in love with is a devastating experience.

Anyone who has been in that situation knows the pain that is involved. It feels like an important part of you is missing and it can be hard to find the motivation to get up and start the day without your love.

Do not waste more time and start the process already, because the truth is that the more time passes without you doing anything, the fewer possibilities you are left with.

In these cases, we must act quickly, but with great subtlety and astuteness.

That if you must take this into account; Reconquering your ex-girlfriend or wife can be difficult and if you go with your initial instincts, in reality, those reactions could lead you to lose her forever.

Here are some infallible tips about what you should do and what you should not do after the break to recover her:

How to win back a woman forever

1. Do not beg.

One of the most valid tips in recovering ex-girlfriends is to avoid begging.

You may want to call her at the beginning or send her emails telling her that you still love her and can not live without her.

This will only make your ex to think that you are desperate and needy, and there is nothing more repellent for a woman than to see a man in this state.

2. Do not use Machiavellian tactics.

Another of the most valuable tips in recovering ex-girlfriends is to avoid the use of Machiavellian tactics.

Do not try to bribe or blackmail your ex to come back with you.

You must not make mind games or threaten to kill yourself if she does not return.

Do not give her flowers or promise that you will change.

3. Not contacting her for a while.

You should try to look happy by not being with her at this time and give her space.

In these cases, it is suggested to avoid all contact for a while.

Give your ex the chance to miss you and wonder if she made the right decision when she decided to break up with you.

Do not send e-mails, or call, do not go to the places you frequented together at least a month after breaking up.

Do not communicate with her for 4 weeks.

4. Reflect.

Ask yourself what were the reasons why she broke the relationship, reflect why you and your ex-girlfriend broke up.

What were the main ones?

Were you considered with your girlfriend?

Did you pay attention to the things she said? Did you dedicate enough time to her?

Is there a flaw in which she told you to work?

Unless you know what the real causes of the rupture were and there is no sense in working and making an effort to get her back.

5. Do not get depressed.

Of all the advice on how to win your wife back, the most important is to avoid becoming a depressed man.

You have to work. Do not stay at home as agonizing over the past, as this is counterproductive.

Instead of doing that, start socializing and doing the things you used to do before being with her.

Become the man you were when she first met you and was attracted to you.

6. Contact her after one month.

After a month of no contact and after having reflected on the problems and the things that separated you, call her and tell her that you are going to improve all your problems, but keep calm and do not show yourself depressed or miserable.

Show her (even if you do not feel it and you’re dying inside, that you can live perfectly happy without her).

You must use the techniques mentioned above and other more powerful and effective techniques that are available for men who want to recover their wife. You must be very cautious and if you do not know how to do things correctly at the first attempt, you could make the situation worse and it will be much harder to recover her. You would probably lose your chance forever.