How To Warm A Woman

The art of seduction and the pleasure of unresolved sexual tension are undervalued today.

Some men prefer to go straight to the point rather than trying to warm a woman and postpone the sexual encounter to the fullest, but the reality is that many girls are inevitably attracted to men capable of seducing them and maintaining sexual tension to unsuspected limits.

Does this all sound like Chinese to you?

Well, here we explain how to warm a woman.

How To Warm A Woman

1. Self-control.

Above all, it must be said that to warm a woman you need self-control, intelligence, and patience.

It is clear that when we like someone we feel the need to launch ourselves immediately, but it is not always the right time or situation.

Seducing and allowing the entrance to sexual tension can be very interesting to get a later sexual encounter highly pleasant.

2. Use the imagination.

The brain is the most powerful sexual organ, that’s why imagination is so important to stimulate sexual desire.

And to warm a woman it is necessary to incite the sensations and leave things to the imagination: A pleasant touch, a strong waist squeeze, a provocative cheek kiss … but then each one of you to your house.

This type of attitude increases sexual tension while warming us unimaginably. The more time we have to fantasize about that person, the more exciting the encounter will be.

3. Know how to provoke her.

To warm a woman you have to know how to provoke her without being too explicit.

An insinuating look, a two-way comment, approaching in a way that makes it clear that there is desire but that things will happen when she wants to.

Girls also enjoy being in control in the process of conquest.

4. Make her feel special.

You cannot treat the woman you want the same as the rest of the girls.

That is why part of the process of warming a woman up has to do with making her feel special.

Make her a compliment, be thoughtful, but above all make her feel that you only want her. This will make lust reach unimagined points.

5. Keep the mystery.

A basic ingredient in seduction. Women really enjoy feeling wanted, but they love the idea of knowing that there are things to discover in privacy, so don’t be too explicit with how you like things and rather go slowly showing the way you enjoy the contact.

Let her get an idea of you, but also leave room for new facets to be discovered.

Once you have had sex remember something: Warming your girl is always important to maintain sexual desire.

Playing seduction should be an exercise that both practice frequently if you want sex to always be pleasant.